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January 2018 | Top 15 PTAT European Females

January 2018
 NameSire StackCow FamilyGTPINMPTATOwner
1JK DG CARMEN 2Solomon x Atwood x DoormanCarf Emeraude19901023.83Diamond Genetics & JK Eder Holsteins (NL)
2ABSOLUTE CLASSIC PEGGY SUEClassic x Beemer x LavanguardMisty Springs Lavanguard Sue22443173.83Absolute Holsteins (UK)
3PONDEROSA EMILIO ENIGMA ETEmilio x Pulsar x DoormanWabash-Way Emilyann23774213.80Ponderosa Holsteins (ES)
4ELLE ATWOOD SORAYA ETAtwood x Windbrook x AlexanderGen-I-Beq Bolton Secretly1916323.78Elle (IT)
5MATTENHOF GIULIANABeemer x Atwood x DamionGalys-Vray19741113.74Philippe Arnold (LU)
6ALANADiamondback x Destry x RegimentKHW Regiment Apple-Red190983.59Swiss Owned
7ALL.NURE SLM GALYTA ET (2479)Solomon x Atwood x DamionGalys-Vray1770-813.50All.Nure Holsteins (IT)
8MC BEAUTYSolomon x McCutchen x GoldwynButz-Butler Gold Barbara20301493.44Swiss Owned
9BROEK BEEMER 1-ETBeemer x Ladd P x RegimentKHW Regiment Apple-Red20862233.41Broek (NL)
10ALL. CAPP KING ROYAL CHARLOTTKing Royal x High Octane x SaloonGlen Drummond Splendor25776653.35All. Capp (IT)
11ELLE ATWOODAtwood x Windbrook x AlexanderGen-I-Beq Bolton Secretly19861303.33Elle (IT)
12VIG ALICIABeemer x Doorman x AtwoodMS Kingstead Chief Adeen19951123.31ViG (DE)
13NOHL DANYAwesome x Destry x TalentKHW Regiment Apple-Red1712-1303.30Nohl Holsteins (FR)
14ALL. CAPP KING ROYAL CHANTALKing Royal x High Octane x SaloonGlen Drummond Splendor25336063.29All. Capp (IT)
15BARB MORIONOrion x Megasire x ExplodeBouw Goldwyn Femmy24355513.26Barb (FR)


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