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January 2019 | Top 15 PTAT European Females

January 2019
 NAMESire StackCow FamilyGTPINMPTATOwner
1K L UD ANYAUndenied x McCutchen x AtwoodAnya21542554.20K&L (NL)
2UNDENIED COSA NOSTRAUndenieds x Beemer x AtwoodRegancrest S Celebrity20941914.11Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
3UNDENIED CAPRIUndenieds x Beemer x AtwoodRegancrest S Celebrity21081694.10Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
4OK ADEEN DE GREGANSolomon x Archrival x DoormanMS Kingstead Chief Adeen1950453.98French Owned
5UNDENIED CAMONAUndenieds x Beemer x AtwoodRegancrest S Celebrity1933343.98Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
6NH DOC BLIND-DATEKing Doc x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara21502413.97Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
7GHO DIXY-RAEMafia x McCutchen x AtwoodScientific Deluxe Rae22513353.91GHO (DE)
8WATERMOLEN KINGKing Doc x Archrival x DoormanSilvermaple Damion Camomile22273383.83Watermolen Holsteins (NL)
9OSMOSEPGCRDelight x DoormanMilksource Doorman Carmen1990933.83French Owned
10SHG SOLOMON BRITTANYSolomon x Archrival x GoldwynJacobs Goldwyn Britany20351403.76SHG Breeding (DK)
11DGF MAGICKing Doc x Monterey x EnforcerMadona Du Bois Du Pins25395813.70Diamond Genetics France
12SHG SOLOMON BEAUTYSolomon x Archrival x GoldwynJacobs Goldwyn Britany1851-533.70SHG Breeding (DK)
13DG JK EVIEKing Doc x Brady x DoormanCarf Emeraude23473983.69Diamond Genetics & JK Eder Holsteins
14HOFRA005025590584King Doc x Millenium x YorickTwin Uzie24995513.68Ferme Lorygenes (FR)
15PRISMAGEN AMARENAKing Doc x Beemer x DoormanMS Kingstead Chief Adeen24735513.68PrismaGen (DE)


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