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GTPI | Top 50 NM$ Cows ( >2 Years) - 08/18

August 2018
1NO-PE YODER ELENA-ETYoder x Supersire x Super27219601.09Zooservis & Parnters (CZ)
2CROSSFELL RUBICON MILLA-ETRubicon x Supersire x Snowman28329522.14Peak Genetics (NL)
3DG DV CHRISTELJosuper x Mogul x Observer27169521.27Diamond Genetics & De Volmer (NL)
4ALL.NURE RUBICON BALOU LOU ETRubicon x Balisto x Epic28069372.38Al.Be.Ro Holsteins (IT)
5CROSSFELL RUBICON CAMILLA-ETRubicon x Supersire x Snowman27439351.42Crossfell Holsteins (UK)
6VILMA 51408Denver x Supersire x Fork27769311.91Milkmen Ft (HU)
7A-L-H DELTA HELANIA-ETDelta x Supersire x Man-O-Man28049272.34Primeval Genetics (NL)
8CNN HI-LITE-ETDelta x Supersire x Man-O-Man28179132.58Peak Genetics (NL)
9HUL-STEIN SWEET RUBYRubicon x Supersire x Shamrock26869011.84Hul-Stein (NL)
10CNN DELTA SHARROWDelta x Shan x Robusut26478991.09Cirio Agricola (IT)
11CINDERELLARubicon x Supersire x Bookem27168981.42J. van Soelen (NL)
12HACKETT DELTA CECILIA-ETDelta x Day x Planet27168881.89Hackett Holsteins (UK)
13TIRSVAD RUBICON NICOLINE-ETRubicon x Supersire x Stol Joc27008861.65Tirsvad Holsteins (DK)
14HODEU000666730701Supershot x Maurice x Shamrock26968841.21German Owned
15FRATI RUBICONRubicon x Numero Uno x Planet27518821.97Frati Holsteins (IT)
16HULSTEIN SWEET RUBIRubicon x Supersire x Shamrock26948811.71Hul-Stein (NL)
17A-L-H DELTA HELIOS-ETDelta x Supersire x Man-O-Man27448781.89Primeval Genetics (NL)
18PG MISS SWEDENYoder x Shan x Robust26908772.15Genesland (DE)
19ALL.NURE RUBICON (1778)Rubicon x Balisto x Epic26408771.22Al.Be.Ro Holsteins (IT)
20CROSSFELL RUBICON CAMILLE-ETRubicon x Supersire x Snowman27038761.50Crossfell Holsteins (UK)
21A-L-H HASHTAG-ETDelta x Supersire x Man-O-Man27168722.25Primeval Genetics (NL)
22RH DELTA HAVE-ETDelta x Supersire x Man-O-Man26858701.75Rovers Holsteins (NL)
23KOEPON RUBY-ANNRubicon x Jabir x Bookem27288682.07Koepon Genetics (NL)
24ISLANDPRIDE RD DELTA ZOE-ETDelta x Chevrolet x Magnus26958681.36Islandpride Holsteins (UK)
25SAPHIR ET PFRubicon x Balisto x Epic27268651.56German Owned
26HODEU000666766100Draco x Supersire x Snowman26438611.25German Owned
27HULSTEIN SWEET RUBIERubicon x Supersire x Shamrock26068611.12Hul-Stein (NL)
28TIRSVAD RUBICON NICORETTE-ETRubicon x Supersire x Stol Joc26218531.27Tirsvad Holsteins (DK)
29539379191s. Missouri27048511.70German Owned
30HODEU000666766095Draco x Supersire x Snowman26208510.99German Owned
31LOMBEROBombero x Mogul x Planet26988491.73French Owned
32MIDINETTEJosuper x Planet25638490.80French Owned
33GO-FARM SARATOGA ETJosuper x Doorman x Altaiota26438481.64Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
34LEMONJosuper x Numero Uno26608461.74French Owned
35HUL-STEIN OCTOBER BREESH-ETOctoberfest x Supersire x Altaiota26298431.87Hul-Stein (NL)
36ALL.NURE RUBICON (1795)Rubicon x Balisto x Epic26768412.09Al.Be.Ro Holsteins (IT)
37STERK KISS GLENDA RUBRubicon x Altaoak x Man-O-Man26228411.61Sterken Holsteins (NL)
38BRITNEYSilver x Liquid Gold x Shamrock27198382.59German Owned
39MEGA HGHDelta x Long P *RC x Shamrock26868381.68French Owned
40HOFRA004445551614Rubicon x Cashcoin x Man-O-Man26528381.98French Owned
41AMIGHETTI RUBICON ALBANY ETRubicon x Supersire x Snowman26508381.43Amighetti Holsteins (IT)
42WILDER FUNJedi x Silver x Fanatic27168371.41Wilder Holsteins (DE)
43ALL.NURE RUBICON LAURA ETRubicon x Balisto x Epic26698362.16Al.Be.Ro Holsteins (IT)
44PEAK SOPHIA-ETMonterey x Supersire x Robust27248322.52Peak Genetics (NL)
45CAPNATION RUBIMIZU-ETRubicon x Aikman *RC x Planet26928321.67Al.Be.Ro Holsteins (IT)
46DE CROB GLENDA 0171-ETRubicon x Jetset x Shamrock26758321.54De Crob Holsteins (NL)
47HULSTEIN CORVETTEJosuper x Mogul x Observer26618321.56Ven Dairy Holsteins (NL)
48EKKEL YASMINSuperman x Mogul x Domain26368321.48PEAK Genetics (NL)
49A-L-H SILVER HAVANNASilver x Supersire x Man-O-Man27038312.62Alh Genetics (NL)
50EKKEL YENNYSuperman x Mogul x Domain25858301.49Ekkel (DE)


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