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GTPI | Top 25 PTAT Heifers (>9 Months) - 08/18

August 2018
1DG HULLCRESTEmilio x Mccutchen x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adele20491824.14Diamond Genetics (NL)
2JK DG CARMEN 2Solomon x Atwood x DoormanCarf Emeraude20521544.06JK Eder Holsteins & DG (NL)
3ALL.NURE JEDI-DOOR LORNAByway x Doorman x AltabaxterComestar Lautamie Titanic1918244.03Al.Be.Ro (IT)
4359979555-ETJacoby x Atwood x SanchezFarnear-Tbr-Bh At Corona19991713.96German Owned
5LORY-JODYEEmilio x Millennium x YorickLory-Uzelli21412633.89French Owned
6COL BRYLANCrush x Mogul x MeridianOh-River-Syc Mrdn Billie22793263.87Genesland (DE)
7GEL 4107 EMILIO SARAHEmilio x Commander x MccutchenGel Mccutchen21622763.86Spanish Owned
8BAIXO BEEMER MARUXA II ETBeemer x Doorman x AtwoodBaixo Atwood Maruxa 120441673.86Spanish Owned
9COL DG BRYLINCrush x Mogul x MeridianOh-River-Syc Mrdn Billie24344793.86Genesland (DE)
10LORY-NICEEmilio x Equation x YorickLory-Uzies21252643.83French Owned
11VINA DEFIANT ADEL 1 ETDefiant x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adele1751-773.81Vina (ESP)
12ARGH BYWAY ANYA-ETByway x Mccutchen x AtwoodOckema Atwood Anya21412193.80ARGH Holsteins (NL)
13TOC-FARM JACOBY KRISTELJacoby x Kingboy x Numero UnoToc-Farm Allen Amyly22643753.78Toc-Farm (IT)
14VINA DEFIANT ADEL 2 ETDefiant x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adele1876343.78Vina (ESP)
15DG ARGH JACOBY ATLEEJacoby x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adeena1954793.77Diamond Genetics & ARGH (NL)
16GRILLE SOLOM ADDEN 1072 FIV ESolomon x Atwood x ShottleSherona-Hill Champ Angel20751773.75Spanish Owned
17OCKEMA JACOBY ANYA-ETJacoby x Mccutchen x AtwoodOckema Atwood Anya21883033.72Ockema (NL)
18MISSBeemer x Doorman x HeroEastside Lewisdale Gold Missy21282403.69Luxembourg Owned
19ABSOLUTE CLASSIC PEGGY SUEClassic x Beemer x LavanguardMisty Springs Lavanguard Sue22012993.67Absolute (UK)
20JK DG ELSByway x Doorman x Numero UnoCarf Emeraude21102103.67JK Eder Holsteins & DG (NL)
21LORY-MISSYMonterey x Yorick x XacobeoLory-Uzies22463583.65French Owned
22DG HULLCREST AIDA-ETSolomon x Mccutchen x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adele22303393.65Hullcrest & DG (NL)
23STAKKEHAVE HOPE-ETBrokaw x Mccutchen x GoldwynArethuse Outside Leslie20981813.64Stakkehave (DK)
24WVJD ARDEENASolomon x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adeena19881243.64WVJD (NL)
25POSAL BAILY CHEN OLIMPIABaily Chen x Bolton x MillionPosal Goldwyn Olimpia21032093.63Posal Farms (IT)


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