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USA | Top 25 PTAT Calves (<9 Months) - 04/20

April 2020
1GEN BIBIANHaniko x Undenied x CrushOh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan25372593.80527Genesland (DE)
2JBTOULLEC RANIKOHaniko x Millenium x DempseyJB Toullec Millehot22961083.61627GAEC Toullec (FR)
3QUALITY LB CRUSHABULL LUSTCrushabull x Solomon x GoldwynBosdale Gold Luster2129-603.56-300La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
4AMAZONE-ETCrushabull x Monterey x MogulAl-Lew Monterey Ashley24642293.43410N. Pedrini (CH)
5PRETTYHanikoHOFRA0050255904032245563.3735French Owned
6RIS 02598Crushtime x Beemer x DoormanEastside Lewisdale Gold Missy2054-1103.35-549Rising Star Holstiens (LUX)
7DG NH ALMACrushabull x Monterey x MogulAl-Lew Monterey Ashley24252323.34535Nosbisch Holsteins (DE) & Diamond Genetics (NL)
8MATIAS ARIANNAS AJYAJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanMS Kingstead Chief Adeen1900-2333.34-1103Portugalian Owned
9OUR-FAVORITE HAM CRUSHABULL COMPELLINGCrushabull x Hang-Time x AtwoodOur-Favorite Compelling23201353.32-235German Owned
10AL.CE CRUSHTIME SNOW-ETCrushtime x Pulsar x MeridiaanAlce Royaal Mac Sunday2233263.31386Italian Owned
11ATLANTIS-ETCrushabull x Monterey x MogulAl-Lew Monterey Ashley2292913.30475N. Pedrini (CH)
12PANDA TANGO REDUnstopabull-Red x Diamondback *RC x Defiant *RCMiss Pottsdale DFI Tang-Red2169-243.30-494Panda Holsteins (UK)
13NOORDER AR-TYPE AVAThunder Storm x Jacoby x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adeena1856-2663.30-776ARGH Holsteins (NL)
14SABBIONA EAGLE ETRaptor x Doorman x AtwoodMS Kingstead Chief Adeen1805-3113.29-683Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
15ANTARTIKA-ETCrushabull x Monterey x MogulAl-Lew Monterey Ashley25002873.27383N. Pedrini (CH)
16TOC-FARM DOC VALERIKing DocHOITA05399013779125002433.2781French Owned
17MEIER'S ARTIST APPLE-KATINAArtist x Salvatore *RC x KingboyGolden-Oaks I Am Amazing2233403.27325H. Meier (CH)
18LB ANGEL REDAltitude-Red x Jordy-Red x Integral *RCKHW Regiment Apple-Red2104-723.27-1030La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
19BEEZE OLDLEUS FAMECrushtime x Delight x BeemerWI Beemer Felli1999-1353.27-455Beeze Holsteins (NL)
20LA PORTEA DOC CAMILLA ETKing Doc x Doorman x AtwoodSilvermaple Damion Camomile2231513.26250La Portea Holsteins (IT)
21MD WEST-VIEW BELLACrushabull x Doorman x GoldwynRosiers Blexy Goldwyn2070-683.26289German Owned
22MEIKLEFIRTH ALT JACUZZI RED 2Altitude-Red x Awesome-Red x Ladd P-RedLuck-E Ladd Jubilee-Red1937-2193.26-427UK Owned
23ATLANTIKA-ETCrushabull x Monterey x MogulAl-Lew Monterey Ashley25003023.25903N. Pedrini (CH)
24BAIXO CRUSHABULL MARUXYCrushabull x Beemer x DoormanBaixo Atwood Maruxa 12047-1213.24-217Baixo Holsteins (ESP)
25HOITA061990937597Crushabull x Archrival x DoormanMS Kingstead Chief Adeen2023-1363.24-167Italian Owned


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