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USA - Top 10 CFP females 08/21

August 2021
1HODEU000541674215Helix x Huey x HelixCreek Emerson Derissa2901887194119712671German Owned
2BG CAPTAIN SS CARLIN O ETCaptain x Sassafras x VeronaLacrest Comet30291105108919313558Boghill & Glamour (UK)
3BG CAPTAIN C CARLIN K ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLacrest Comet29881092123819313063Boghill & Glamour (UK)
4DG ELIACharl x Spectre x MontrossSavage-Leigh Linda28931027189219313063Diamond Genetics (NL)
5MIRABELL SSIRE SHANA ETSupersire x Shottle x GoldwynMirabell Sciassy2730694178619111279Mirabell Holsteins (IT)
6BOGHILL GULLIVER GLENDACaptain x Sassafras x DancerLacrest Comet29901009167418812761Boghill & Glamour (UK)
7BG CAPTAIN C CARLIN P ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLacrest Comet30481032112418712067Boghill & Glamour (UK)
8KOEPON DUKE RUBY 14Duke x Rubicon x JabirRegan-Joy Durham Regenia2790846180818712166Koepon Genetics (NL)
9ALL.NURE 3704Zasberilla x Marius x DeltaCookiecutter Shthollerwood2900861114918612363All.Nure Holsteins (IT)
10BOGHILL GLAMOUR CAPTAIN C CARCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLacrest Comet30661079159518511273Boghill & Glamour (UK)
11BOGHILL GLAMOUR CAPTAIN C CARCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLacrest Comet30351087147518411767Boghill & Glamour (UK)
12KOEPON ACURA RUBY 55-ETAcura x Duke x RubiconRegan-Joy Durham Regenia2811880178418412163Koepon Genetics (NL)
13HOGBR100751604023Heroic x Atrium x SpectreDes-Y-Gen Planet Silk297199572718313548UK Owned
14NANCYHelix x Altaleaf x DonatellaJenniton Bolton Rowena2857805159118211864France Owned


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