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USA - Top 10 PTAT King Doc dtrs in Europe 08/21

August 2021
1EBA OliviaKing Doc x AltaSuperstar x KingboyEBA Heazy26787530.130.063.842.661.70EBA Holsteins / GAEC Brilland (FR)
2Willsbro King Doc Missy 3242King Doc x Chief x BoardshopWillsbro Jacey Missy 20277010650.050.053.582.991.41Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
3No-Pe Doc Enji-ETKing Doc x Monterey x FacebookMS Lookout PSC FB Evette282010940.120.053.422.241.34No-Pe Holsteins (CZE)
4Willsbro King Doc Pammy 433King Doc x Delta-Lambda x MontanaWillsbro Pepper Pammy277112000.050.053.312.641.82Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
5HOGBR728173500021King Doc x Silver x Numero UnoLarcrest Crimson27729210. Owned
6DGF MarwaKing Doc x Monterey x EnforcerMadon du Bois de Pins271713000. Genetics France (FR)
7Willsbro King Doc Pammy 3230King Doc x Jones x GymnastWillsbro A N Uno Pammy284114200. Holsteins (UK)
8Willsbro 3139King Doc x Delta-Lambda x GraniteWillsbro Saloon Amber 15290515240. Holsteins (UK)
9EBA OlianaKing Doc x AltaSuperstar x KingboyEBA Heazy26807430. Holsteins / GAEC Brilland (FR)
10Willsbro 3214King Doc x Jones x Sound SystemWillsbro Supersire Rozelle29457830. Holsteins (UK)


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