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USA | Top 25 PTAT Heifers (>9 Months) - 12/21

December 2021
1SHG AVALANCHE LIVAvalanche *RC x King Doc x AtwoodLottos Atwood Lizette22934.95691Stakkehavegaard / SHG Breeding (DK)
2HONLD000618896288Moovin *RC x King Doc x Ladd P-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red23564.36138Firma K. Tanis en Zonen (NL)
3ARRABAL OLIVIA MOOVINMoovin *RC x King Doc x ArchrivalButz Butler Gold Barbara21104.33372Arrabal Holsteins (ESP)
4IRISKing Doc x Emilio x BraxtonHOESP02040226575422944.261768Spanish Owned
5ZEG EVITA-ETMoovin *RC x King Doc x BradyCarf Emeraude22654.24542D. Benkstein (DE)
6GEN BIBIANHaniko x Undenied x CrushCol DG Brylin25634.15688Diamond Genetics (NL)
7RIETHILL VANITYSelect x Artist x JacobyOur-Favorite Voracious23354.10-186Riethil Holsteins (NL)
8EXLOER WENDYThunder Storm x King Doc x SolomonSiemers Brkw Whipcream21394.1093Excloër Holsteins (NL)
9BWN WARDEENA *RCWarrior-Red x Jordy-Red x ArchrivalHC Achrival Arianne19354.08-343Dueholm Breeding I/S (DK)
10JBTOULLEC RANIKOHaniko x Millennium x DempseyJB Toullec Hot Cherry23273.95815GAEC Toullec (FR)
11CIGUNYUELA MOOVIN RC ALBAMoovin *RC x King DocHOESP08010878373722673.92-99Spanish Owned
12CCC SOMEONE *RCMoovin *RC x Undenied x CommanderWalnutlawn McCutchen Summer22913.91-26Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
13GRILLE MOOVIN APPL 1495 FIV EMoovin *RC x JacobyHOESP07111230247922123.90-621Spanish Owned
14CHORUSIC MOOVIN LUCILLE 37 ETMoovin *RC x King Doc x Golden DreamsDelaberge Durham Lucille21603.90315Chrorusic Holsteins (CZE)
15LB LUSTERCrushabull x Solomon x GoldwynBosdale Gold Luster21403.90-319La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
16GIESSEN CECIBELL 18 *RCMoovin *RC x Jordy-Red x Durango *RC)Geissen Cecibell 1020953.8997Giessen Holsteins (NL)
17CCC CAMORASolomon x Beemer x AtwoodFarnear-TBR-BH AT Corona19773.85-1092Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
183STAR CONCHITAThunder Storm x King Doc x BywayLarcrest Circadian21113.84823GenHotel (NL)
19ZEG ELSA-ETMoovin *RC x King Doc x BradyCarf Emeraude22523.82356ZEG Holsteins (DE)
20BAIXO SKYHIGH MARUXYASkyhigh x Beemer x DoormanBaixo Atwood Maruxa 118963.82447Baixo Holsteins (ESP)
21DGF DJOLIEN PMirand PP *RC x King Doc x MontereyNH Oak Faithlove24263.801419Diamond Genetics France (FR)
22CCC CAMERON *RCMoovin *RC x Undenied x BeemerFarnear-TBR-BH AT Corona20403.79-688Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
23BUITENEIND EMERAUDE 37Moovin *RC x Undenied x DoormanCarf Emeraude20213.77251Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
24JONES LA BRASSERIE APPLEPIE EWarrior-Red x Regiment-Red x DurhamKHW Regiment Apple-Red20033.76-1953Lislea Holsteins (UK)
25HS MOOVIN WONDERFULL ETMoovin *RC x King Doc x SolomonSiemers Brkw Whipcream23683.75498Spanish Owned


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