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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 02/22

February 2022
1CCC 52830Boom x Sidekick x SolomonOur-Favorite Unlimited24714.051.803.02Swiss Owned
2DG CASTALIAHave It All x Doc x SilverScenery-View Crystal27923.862.132.59Diamond Genetics (NL)
3DG BLITHEHave It All x Haniko x UndeniedCol DG Brylin25973.772.112.74Diamond Genetics (NL)
4BS AUSTRALIAHave It All x Archrival x DoormanHC Archrival Arianne23243.741.532.56Batouwe Holsteins & Schouten Holsteins (NL)
5CCC 95844Alleyoop x Sidekick x SolomonOur-Favorite Unlimited23243.741.052.92Swiss Owned
6MA.BI.FARM ALLEY ALINAAlleyoop x Denver x DoormanDoorman Miluna22783.631.192.62Ma.Bi.Farm holstein
7WILLSBRO HANANS AMBER 3382Hanans x Rapid x OutlastMS Kingstead Chief Adeen27333.621.802.71Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
8DGF MATHILDAHave It All x Doc x MontereyMadona Du Bois De Pins27453.591.812.38Belgium Owned
9BS ALICIAHave It All x Archrival x DoormanHC Archrival Arianne23283.541.312.68Batouwe Holsteins & Schouten Holsteins (NL)
104983 - P9305063Doc x Jordy-Red x Solomon24293.501.482.57Portugal Owned
11DG CALROSEHave It All x Doc x SilverScenery-View Crystal28473.471.882.16Diamond Genetics (NL)
12MARCY DREAM ILLUSTRAT DEAIllustrator P x Incredibull-Red x Attico-RedMarcy Dream Attico Tropica23403.461.563.02Swiss Owned
13MA.BI.FARM MILIO MATILDEMilio x Chief x AftershockFarm Scatolina20923.360.622.21Ma.Bi.Farm holstein
14MEIER'S DORAL TALIA-REDDoral-Red x Altitude-Red x Director-RedStrans-Jen-D Tequila-Red22703.341.572.78Meier's Holstein
15MA.BI.FARM THUNDERS. ALEEDThunder Storm x Beemer x ArchrivalMS Kingstead Chief Adeen18993.341.292.03Ma.Bi.Farm holstein
16CUNDINS AR WARRIOR APPLEWarrior-Red x Jordy-Red x Numero UnoKHW Regiment Apple-Red20253.311.552.45Spanish Owned
17CRISTELLA KISSHanans x Pursuit x LighthouseArt-Acres Mar Kay 72129253.301.982.75Cristella Holsteins (IT)
18SASHA DES RIVES D'ORDelta-Lambda x Thunder Storm x RedburstKHW Regiment Apple-Red24363.271.452.71France Owned
19WILLSBRO 3415AltaDeejay x Miami x GymnastWillsbro Snowman Roxy26253.261.962.72Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
20MA.BI.FARM ALLEY ALINAAlleyoop x Unix x AtwoodMa.Bi.Farm Atwood Dea22573.241.712.64Ma.Bi.Farm holstein
21108Doc x Unix x AtwoodToc-Farm Morty Andy23733.211.882.38Italian Owned
22LAMBLEXYDelta-Lambda x Atwood x SanchezToc-Farm Morty Andy23863.170.862.43Italian Owned
23ARIZONA 1Master x Apple Crisp20233.130.742.32Melkveehouderij Den Dolder (NL)
24SABBIONA 1136Crushabull x Unix x KingboySabbiona Tiky23073.111.052.91Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
25WILLSBRO HANANS DOLLY 3393Hanans x B52 x AbottMiss Durham Dolly27833.081.832.00Willsbro Holsteins (UK)


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