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USA | Top 25 NM$ females - 03/22

March 2022
1HUL-STEIN BEAUTYHercules x Breezer x FlagshipMorningview Converse Judy299711320.55Hul-Stein (NL)
2WILDER 365292Gameday x Aristocrat x SpectreVir-Clar DE Classy302811170.74Wilder Holsteins
3HOGBR582891518066Tennessee x Acura x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan290811050.14UK Owned
4HUL-STEIN SWEET BEAUTennessee x Breezer x FlagshipMorningview Converse Judy27781068-0.40Hul-Stein (NL)
5BG MILLENNIUM B CAROL B ETMillennium x Batman x AchieverGlamour Carlin294710580.52Boghill & Glamour (UK)
6DG BENTHECaptain x Charl x FlagshipRainyridge Talent Barbara297410431.26Diamond Genetics
7NO-PE LIFT BEBBALift Off x Crimson x SonicRegancrest Durham Bliss300510421.09Swiss Owned
8HOGBR585089604403Mbappe x Venture x MattersPen-Col Rubicon Beth293410360.64UK Owned
9HUL-STEIN SWEET STARKYStardancer x Breezer x FlagshipMorningview Converse Judy298810320.93Hul-Stein (NL)
10HUL-STEIN BUFFYAltoplinko x Charl x JediAnderstrup DG Calico294610250.69Hul-Stein (NL)
11KOEPON GAMEDAY RANGE 132 RFGameday x Swingman x SalvatoreLakeside Ups Red Range-Red294810140.91Koepon Genetics
12BG LUNSER H CREDIT A ETCaptain x Heroic x ArgoLarcrest Cosmopolitan301710081.25Boghill & Glamour (UK)
13KOEPON CAMDEN GRACIE 1-ETCamden x Grateful x SonicSAH 29964298210081.84Koepon Genetics
14HODEU000364274926Mahomes x Lionel x ProphecyWesswood-HC Rudy Missy299210041.47German Owned
15NO-PE HAILED ZAFIRAHailed x Pursuit x DukeWindsor-Manor Zebee297810041.66Swiss Owned
16BG LUNSER H CREDIT B ETLunser x Heroic x ArgoLarcrest Cosmopolitan296710020.91Boghill & Glamour (UK)
17HUL-STEIN FIRE CRACKERHercules x Breezer x FlagshipMorningview Converse Judy286110000.25Hul-Stein (NL)
18HOGBR582891518073Laker x Riveting x BubbaWesswood-HC Rudy Missy28469990.14UK Owned
19KOEPON GAMEDAY RANGE 120 RFGameday x Swingman x SalvatoreLakeside Ups Red Range-Red29959961.80Koepon Genetics
20DG LILIBETAltaZazzle x Charl x BlowtorchPeak Ladyluck29219960.71Diamond Genetics
21651Brave x Twitch x Delta-Lamda28239940.24Italian Owned
22SWEET DE LA FRIANDERIEAltaZazzle x Solution x JediWilder Meta29589921.56Belgium Owned
23HODEU000542106409Stardancer x Charl x ModestyCookiecutter Mom Halo29569891.04German Owned
24HUL-STEIN BIRDYMillennium x Charl x JediAnderstrup DG Calico29129881.00Hul-Stein (NL)
25ANIBALCAPTAINSOLICaptain x Bundle x Rubicon29149870.73Spanish Owned


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