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USA | Top 50 NM$ Cows (>2 years) - 04/22

April 2022
1DENOVO ELLANORAEntity x Spectre x Powerball PCoyne-Farms Ramos Jelly293910760.21Denovo Holsteins (UK)
2HUL-STEIN SWEET BREEZERBreezer x Flagship x RubiconHul-Stein Sweet Wietske289710200.21Hul-Stein (NL)
3CAPOENS 7589 GAME 424Gamechanger x Achiever x DamarisSeagull-Bay Oman Miror287010040.75Capoen Holsteins (BE)
47332Billy x Flagship x DeltaCalbrett Supersire Barb286810010.70Danish Owned
53STAR OH MY BRITTRome x Rubi-Agronaut x JosuperSeagull-Bay Oman Miror28719970.55De Oosterhof & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
6GO-FARM BOBLIA ETPursuit x Guarantee x AltaHotrodGo-Farm Bobina29359741.36Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
7OH DG CHARACharl x AltaTopshot x RubiconDG OH Donna28419740.78De Oosterhof Holsteins (NL)
8SHA TIMBAVATICrimson x Jedi x OlympianRUW Neblina27739710.09German Owned
9GO-FARM BOLAMA ET 3254Pursuit x Guarantee x AltaHotrodGo-Farm Bobina29519641.87Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
10HUL-STEIN BUTTERMILKCharl x Jedi x RubiconStantons Freddie Cameo29249631.48Hul-Stein (NL)
11HUL-STEIN SWEET ROBIJNRome x Charley x LottomaxMS Welcome Supersr Tania28559630.91Hul-Stein (NL)
12HOGBR915016208553Crosby x Achiever x SupershotGlamour Carlin2785960-0.20Boghill & Glamour (UK)
13HOGBR103122303078Achiever x Rubicon x SupersireZandenburg Snowman Camilla28029580.28UK Owned
14DG BRENNACharl x Flagship x DeltaCalbrett Supersire Barb28159530.77Diamond Genetics (NL)
15HOGBR949027114713Batman x Achiever x SilverLarcrest Cosmopolitan29029510.86UK Owned
16CRISTELLA RELAX ETPositive x Imax x DeltaCo-op Moonboy Rescue29039481.32Cristella Holsteins (IT)
17REBA0783Pursuit x Guarantee x DeltaFairmont Tuffenuff Ridge27519470.20Hongarian Owned
18DENOVO ECHOEntity x Spectre x Powerball PCoyne-Farms Ramos Jelly28019450.17Denovo Holsteins (UK)
193STAR OH MARIONETTEPursuit x Rubi-Agronaut x JosuperSeagull-Bay Oman Miror28249440.69De Oosterhof & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
20HOGBR706042405255Atrium x Spectre x RubiconDes-Y-Gen Planet Silk28519420.58UK Owned
217350Billy x Flagship x DeltaCalbrett Supersire Barb28019390.00Danish Owned
22HOGBR949027114201Crimson x Verona x SupershotGlamour Carlin28719320.58UK Owned
23TIRSVAD K&L PURSUIT MILANO ETPursuit x Superhero x SilverPen-Col Bookem Mistral29029311.28Tirsvad Holsteins & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
24DG CHERELLACharl x Modesty x SupershotCookiecutter Sshot Honor27959310.74Diamond Genetics (NL)
25HOGBR949027114455Rubicon x Barbarossa x BoastfulGlamour Carlin27789310.09Boghill & Glamour (UK)
26TIRSVAD K&L RIVETING MAGNOLIARiveting x Superhero x SilverPen-Col SS Mistress28699300.72De Oosterhof & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
27HOGBR949027114864Heroic x Perseus x SupershotGlamour Carlin28519300.82UK Owned
28GO-FARM BORIDA ETPursuit x Guarantee x AltaHotrodGo-Farm Bobina29279281.32Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
29R DG SHINEYCharl x Jedi x SupersirePine-Tree Sharla Daphne27859280.50Rijnhof Holsteins (NL)
30COOKIECUTTER RUW HELENAMerryguy x Modesty x DoorsopenCookiecutter Epic Hazel27629280.27German Owned
315040000R LLouie x Legendary x JosuperSeagull-Bay Oman Miror28899261.06German Owned
32SJK 0706Charl x Delta x SupersireCookiecutter Mom Halo28229250.65Dutch Owned
33REANNE0824Pursuit x Marius x DeltaFairmont Tuffenuff Ridge29079241.44Hongarian Owned
34HONLD000642468244Charl x Frazzled x MontrossApplouis Jet Stream Alda28829241.19Dutch Owned
35CAPOENS 7589 GAME 429Gamechanger x Achiever x DamarisSeagull-Bay Oman Miror27779240.49Capoen Holsteins (BE)
36S.J.K 6644Lenovo x Gymnast x IconeMurrayholm Balisto Penny28709221.20Dutch Owned
37CLASSINARiveting x King Royal x RubiconKoepon Classy27839210.69Belgium Owned
38MB 00363Merryguy x Gatedancer x CommanderPine-Tree Sharla Daphne28719201.42German Owned
39HODEU000361941610Merryguy x Superhero x RubiconRicecrest Luise 228099200.90German Owned
40NH CHARL CAYLACharl x Superhero x MontrossComestar Lausan Black28069200.50Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
41DG CASSIACharl x Modesty x SupershotCookiecutter Sshot Honor28139190.42Diamond Genetics (NL)
42HUL-STEIN CAPELLACharl x Modesty x RubiconAnderstrup DG Calico28409180.93Hul-Stein (NL)
43HUL-STEIN MAXIMEDiesel x Imax x ProfitAnderstrup DG Calico28379161.50Hul-Stein (NL)
44WEH 22672Riveting x Outlast x MissouriWeh Galina27629160.08WEH Holsteins (DE)
45CEH MISSYPursuit x Gymnast x SilverPine-Tree Missy Melinda29119131.28German Owned
46GEN BERYLCharl x Modesty x SupershotCookiecutter Sshot Honor27859120.65Diamond Genetics (NL)
47CRISTELLA RAPSODIAPursuit x Modesty x BayonetCristella Ulide28169110.44Cristella Holsteins (IT)
48TULIP0321Charl x AltaTopshot x RubiconDG OH Donna28709031.14De Oosterhof Holsteins (NL)
49MB 00456Timberlake x Gatedancer x CommanderSeagull-Bay Ssire Daphne28099100.80German Owned
50KOEPON RIVE CLASSY 470Riveting x King Royal x RubiconKoepon Classy27899080.36Koepon Genetics (NL)


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