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USA | Top 25 NM$ females - 02/23

February 2023
1HOGBR582891319464Benefit x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Calico316412600.93Denovo UK
2HOGBR121122605712Benefit x Heroic x SkywalkerLarcrest Cosmopolitan310311831.32Boghill & Glamour
3DG CEYDACaptain x AltaZazzle x CrimsonGlamour Carlin309611821.04Diamond Genetics (NL)
4DG CEYLINCaptain x AltaZazzle x CrimsonGlamour Carlin319411651.97Diamond Genetics (NL)
5DG SHIRMAGen Patch x Fastball x CharlLadysManor Ruby D Shawn302411270.41Diamond Genetics (NL)
6HOGBR582456508824Gardner x Grande Rio x HondaSully Shottle May29521126-0.20UK Owned
7HOGBR120862502279Benefit x Heroic x SkywalkerLarcrest Cosmopolitan304811141.32UK Owned
8LE COLOMBAIEUpside x Tahiti x AltaTopshotRiglio Gigh Alambra301411121.10Italian Owned
9ERNEST CAPTAIN 61Captain x Emerald x Delta-LambdaGoldwyn Hillary301011120.46Italian Owned
10HOGBR121122305723Benefit x Heroic x SkywalkerLarcrest Cosmopolitan295911111.08UK Owned
11HIN MATCHGreycup x Entity x ImaxHIN Mogli303411090.82HIN Holsteins (DE)
12HOGBR582891219463Benefit x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Calico300411090.92UK Owned
13HODEU000818194468Duffy x Heroic x YodaNiclo Bells Candy300510990.71German Owned
144826Captain x Maestro x FascinatorStoneden Fools Gold Red297710950.98Spanish Owned
15HOGBR582891619467Benefit x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Calico295810940.65UK Owned
16HOCZE000535587953Captain x Twitch x RubiconChorusic Shamrock Jonas307310931.20Czech Owned
17HOGBR582891219470Benefit x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Calico300110870.91UK Owned
18DG CAJACaptain x AltaZazzle x CrimsonGlamour Carlin309110851.65Diamond Genetics (NL)
19HOGBR582891119497Elver P x AltaZazzle x HondaSully Shottle May303410841.08UK Owned
20HODEU001306829080Mahomes x AltaZazzle x JuicySully-G Addison Opium297710840.85German Owned
21HODEU000365078073Overdo x Lionel x ProphecyWesswood-HC Rudy Missy303710751.29German Owned
22COGENT B GARZA TULIPGarza x Twitch x HueyCookiecutter MOM Halo300610721.12Cogent UK
23MILKMEN 3544505057Gameday x Invictus x DynamoJanka 5230297710701.08Milkmen LTD (HUN)
24HODEU000956067218Tennessee x Prince x DynamoDe-Su 7012290210670.13German Owned
25CRISTELLA TIMISOARA ETEarlybird x Captain x SolutionCristella Iberica301210641.11Cristella Holsteins (IT)


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