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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 02/23

February 2023
1WILLSBRO 4621Fitters Choice x Mirand PP x High OctaneGalys-Vray24224.072.003.18Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
2DG BARBELParfect x Haniko x UndeniedCol DG Brylin27903.861.982.81Diamond Genetics (NL)
3HODEU001604498711Fitters Choice x Undenied x AltaJayzBlue-Gene Mr Sam Sandra22723.861.552.64German Owned
4WILLSBRO PERENNIAL GALA 4580Perennial x Arrow x UnixGalys-Vray24983.761.923.23Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
5WILLSBRO FITTERS VRAY 4635Perennial x Arrow x UnixGalys-Vray21953.741.962.89Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
6LOGAN JONES JORDY APPLE STRUDJordy-Red x Altitude-Red x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red17083.652.612.48UK Owned
7TETUEJagger x Discjockey x DeltaCookiecutter DTA Habitan27323.631.712.85France Owned
8O KALICrushabull x Solomon x GoldwynDecrausaz Iron O'Kalibra20653.631.632.76France Owned
9KAE THAXLHaxl x Sidekick x BlakeKAE Ritzi22753.610.882.17France Owned
10DG CHRISTIANAHullabaloo x Mitchell x King DocLarcrest Cosmopolitan28693.591.052.21Diamond Genetics (NL)
114061Hanans x Dylan x PharoMadona De Bois Du Pins27543.561.832.99France Owned
1232344Delta-Lambda x Sidekick x SolomonOur-Favorite Unlimited26123.560.672.95German Owned
13HEATHERSGILL PJ SUMMER-ETJagger x McCutchen x LavanguardMisty Springs Lavanguard Sue24123.561.592.59UK Owned
14HONLD000644879400Tatoo x King Doc x UndeniedBrookview Tony Charity24033.541.772.72R. Neppelenbroek (NL)
1532358Delta-Lambda x Sidekick x SolomonOur-Favorite Unlimited24203.530.863.23German Owned
16FONTPATOUR GUIGUIWolfgang P x Dropkick x IntegralKHW Regiment Apple-Red24053.530.982.96France Owned
17WILLSBRO PERENNIAL GALA 4589Perennial x Arrow x UnixGalys-Vray22143.411.583.12Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
18SH TEASE REDIllustrator P x Altitude-Red x Director-RedStrans-Jen-D Tequila-Red21873.411.752.92Schouten Holsteins (NL)
19TANYA55Haxl x Silian x MillenniumMeadow Bridge Rosetta26003.401.422.69France Owned
20ALLESSIA DE BOIS SEIGNEURAlleyoop x HanikoBelgium family23283.391.312.62De Bois Seigneur Holsteins (BE)
21DE DORRE HAMMER ADEENAHammer x Admiral x JacobyMS Kingstead Chief Adeen22423.381.012.44De Dorre Holsteins (NL)
22DG CHALUNARoyalFlush x Mitchell x King DocLarcrest Cosmopolitan27963.360.852.43Diamond Genetics (NL)
23ZFZ 53956McDonald P Red x Moovin *RC x King DocCarf Emeraude24643.362.043.16German Owned
24C.M.E. MILIO ASHLEYMilio x HawtItalian family20303.361.032.53Italian Owned
25DAIRY COWS HANANS PADOCHanans x Doc x BalistoRabur Outside Pandora26253.332.112.92Dairy Cows Schröder (NL)


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