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7751 SP Dalen, Netherlands





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Butz-Hill Magicstar VG-88-2YR-USA
(Bombero x McCutchen)
Index, Type & Super cow family
Seagull-Bay SH Maureen
(Halogen x Numero Uno x Shauna)
Grand daughter to Planet Shauna!


Rusty 2
(Supersire x Snowman x Lead Mae's)
>2500 GTPI from the Lead Mae cow family
JHS Rusty 17
(Snowman x Shottle)
Full sister to SNOWRUSH!


Nele GP-84-DE 2yr.
(Stol Joc x OMan)
Former #1 gRZG Cow in Germany!!
Terbeek Glenda 7856 EX-90-NL
(Shottle x Adam)
One of the greatest Shottle-daughters in Europe!
Campogallo Gaia VG-86-IT 2yr.
(Active x Laudan)
#3 GTPI Active in Europe
Ralma Planet Tabea VG-85-NL 2yr.
(Planet x OMan)
Former top 20 GTPI Cow in Europe
Holbra Lady Snow VG-88-NL 4yr.
(Snowman x Bolton)
One of Snowman's best!
Willemshoeve Rita 6127 VG-87-NL 2yr.
(Danillo x Ramos)
Former #1 GTPI Danillo in the World
Twin Shiera
(Superstition x Shottle)
Top 10 GTPI Superstition
Twin Sheray 3 VG-86-NL 2yr
(Supersire x Superstition x UFM-Dubs Sheray)
Great transmitter from the Sheray family

Welcome at the site of Twin Genetics Twin Genetics is located in the East of the Netherlands and owned by the family Meppelink in Dalen. In this 100 head of milking cow dairy herd are plenty of the best cow families available.

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