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Granddam: DG Albero Elise

October 15, 2021 Today it's time for a great new ranking on combined FAT and PROTEIN (CFP) based on the GTPI index! We will introduce you the top 10 combined FAT and PROTEIN females in Europe of the August 2021 proof. Genosource Captain has a lot of influence in the list with daughters in the top 10. The number 1 CFP female is a Helix daughter with +197 CFP. Three heifers shared a second place,  BG Captain SS Carlin O (s. Captain) with +193 CFP from the Lacrest Comet Family. She shared the second place with BG Captain C Carlin K, a Captain daughter with also +193 CFP. And a shared second spot for Charl daughter DG Elia from the Savage-Leigh Linda Family with also +193 CFP. Click further for more info. 
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Cache-Valley Lheros EX-96-USA

October 15, 2021 Selling in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale are #2 FEMALE Woodcrest King Doc (+3.54 PTAT / +2.42 UDC / +2.17 FLC) embryo's and #2 FEMALE Farnear Delta-Lambda embryo's (+2758 GTPI / +2.73 PTAT) out of Ernest-Anthony Debutante-ET. Ernest-Anthony Debutante-ET is a Diamondback *RC (Premier Sire R&W Show World Dairy Expo 2021) daughter directly out of showwinner Cache-Valley Lheros 'DEZI' EX-96-USA 3E! Dezi won multiple titles in the US like Senior, Grand and Supreme Champion at the Maryland State Fair 2018. Click further to read more!   Read More

October 15, 2021 One of the most succesfull Swiss cow families now also has a branch office in the Netherlands. An asthoning RED Awesome-Red daughter straight out GS Alliance Goldwyn Emily EX-93-CH. Born at Rob Schouten she has everything for a perfect start. The dam has has a Show Career with several top places at the Swiss Expo and the Expo Bulle. She also has sons and grand sons in A.I. and has a deep pedigree. We are excited to follow the career of this promising Awesome-Red daughter. Click further to read more.   Read More

Elliots Regency Corrina EX-93-USA% (MAX)

October 15, 2021 It are the FINAL hours of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale which closes tonight at 9:00 P.M. Take adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example FEMALE River Valley VICTORIUS (A2A2) embryos of Elliots Regancy Corrina EX-92-USA 5yr., FEMALE Mirand PP *RC of Strans-Jen-D-Tequila-Red EX-96-USA her showy Altitude-Red daughter, FEMALE Doorman (Premier Sire WDE 2019) of Willowhaven Goldwyn Bliss VG-89-CAN 4yr. (UNIQUE chance to create a maternal sister to Garay Awesome Beauty VG-88-CAN 2yr.) and many herdbuilding packages starting at just time 60 EUR / embryo. Click further for the complete offering.   Read More

RN Logistics Tahaya

October 14, 2021 Lot 61. in the German Masters Sale 2021 October the 22nd, is RN Logistics Tahaya a young Logistics daughter out of King Doc daughter RN King Doc Tahaya 2. King Doc Tahaya 2 (+2596 GTPI / +2.28 PTAT) is just fresh and produces currently 32kg Milk. RN Logistics Tayaha is the #1 GTPI Logistics with +2885 GTPI in combination with +2.86 PTAT! Grand dam, De Oosterhof Mon Tahaya VG-86-NL, is the former #2 GTPI Cow in Europe and is going back on MS Welcome Colby Taya VG-88-USA GMD DOM! RN Logistics Tahaya will be sold during the German Masters Sale in absentee. Click further to read more.   Read More

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USA | Top 50 GTPI Calves (<9 Months) - 08/21

August 2021
1S.J.K. 1498Captain x Salvo *RC x King Royal3102
2BOGHILL GLAMOUR CAPTAIN C CARCaptain x Crimson x Verona3066
3BG CAPTAIN C CARLIN P ETCaptain x Crimson x Verona3048
4BOGHILL GLAMOUR CAPTAIN SS CACaptain x Sassafras x Verona3043
5HUL STEIN CARLINEFortnite x Charl x Jedi3037
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