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September 22, 2017 This afternoon, Friday September 22 2017, a new edition of the Online Elite Bull Sale will take place.  This Online Bull Sale starts 15.00 hrs CET.
Click further for more information and the SALE UPDATE!    Read More

September 20, 2017 Only a month until the German Masters Sale 2017 which will be held on Friday, the 20st of October 2017! The catalogue for the sale counts >160 lots with something for everybody! >35 FRESH cows, great show heifers, huge index heifers for GTPI & RZG and more!! Order your FREE catalogue now which will be send out early October!! Click further for a link and for a flyer with some examples of the animals selling!   Read More

September 19, 2017 This Friday, September 22 2017, a new edition of the Online Elite Bull Sale will take place. This edition will feature interesting lots. Amongst them: the #1 GTPI Charas son with almost 2800 GTPI! A 900 NM $, high milk & SCE 5.6 Montana son, a complete and RZG +156 / GTPI +2776 Bourbon son with haplotypes free out of the Broeks Betty line, a 1st Choice R&W Chancellor son from one of Delta's highest: MS DG-TM Delta Bridget *RC, tracing back to Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 & many more!   Read More

September 15, 2017 It are the final hours of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. The sale will end tonight at 09:00 PM (Dutch time). UNIQUE opportunities are selling such as: RC embryos out of a DOORMAN dtr out of Ms Goldwyn Alana EX-96-CAN: Res. Grand Champion @ Royal & 2nd 5-Yr. @ Madison, Exclusive Female UNIX embryos, huge index potential from the Lidia's: PA-TPI +2718!! and many more!   Read More

September 15, 2017 RZH Enya-Red of Diamond Genetics & Rijnhof Holsteins (bred by RZH Holsteins, Germany) has achieved a unique performance yesterday at the French National Show, the SPACE 2017! She won the Res. Intermediate Championship between in the very strong B&W competition! A performance which has never often seen before in a National Show!! Enya has the complete package as a R&W Ladd P from Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara EX-92 - going back on the oldest World Dairy Expo Grand Champion in the history: Rainyrige Tony Beauty EX-CAN! Click futher for her pictures and more info. 
A special credit for her former owners Mr. Valentin Boulet & Drakkar Holsteins for developing this great cow!   Read More

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