16. April 2021 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale just opened for bidding. Taka adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example R&W FEMALE Doral-Red embryos from Panini EX-95 her Jordy-Red daughter & All-Star Jotan Bella EX-92-DE EX-94-MS, sexed Delta-Lambda from Dezi EX-96 her Diamondback *RC daughter, FEMALE Sidekick from Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-96 (reigning Champion WDE) her VG-88-USA Diamondback *RC daughter, FEMALE Ferdinand (A2A2) from MB Lucky Lady Feliz Navidad EX-93-USA - Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2018 her EX-92 MAX-scored daughter, huge RZG & NVI and many herdbuilding packages starting at just 125 EUR / embryo. Click further to view the complete offering.   Mehr lesen

16. April 2021 She is the impressive foundation cow behind the top GTPI & NET MERIT females in Europe owned by Hul-Stein: Hul-Stein Callidora VG-86-NL 2yr. This fancy third calver produced >10.500kgM with 4.0% PROTEIN in 289 days in her second lactatation and shows the strength you would love to see in a modern dairy cow! Her grand daughter by Charl: Hul-Stein Buttermilk is the current #2 GTPI and #6 NET MERIT heifer >9 months in Europe this April 2021 indexrun at +2994 GTPI / +846 NM$. This great family goes back on Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN EX-MS 47* and deliverd several bulls for A.I. with for example Hul-Stein CROWNMAX (+151 RZG) @ Masterrind. Read more...   Mehr lesen

15. April 2021 She belongs to one of the very first milking daughters of R DG Aladdin-Red in Switzerland: Les Adoux Aladdin Dynastie. This fabulous Red & White already scored the high score of VG-85 as a 2-Yr Old in Switzerland and calves at 2.02. Aladdin-Red was the former #2 R&W ISET sire in the breed and still guarantees for +1458 ISET with 127 daughters in Switzerland. He is a son of Entitle from the Olympian daughter R DG Avira Red VG-85 2yr. - followed by the famous BTS Avea Red VG-87 2yr. which has been very successful in the showring and to produce high bulls for A.I. stations. Click further to read more.   Mehr lesen

Du Bon Vent Inkapi EX-96-IT | 2nd place Swiss Expo 2020

15. April 2021 The tremendous Du Bon Vent Inkapi EX-96-IT, a World-wide crowd favorite, her daughters are already continue the legacy of their dam. At Hullcrest Holsteins and Heerenbrink Holsteins her Chief daughter: Bel Chief Cecilia has recently been pictured by Guillaume Moy and scored VG-88 as a 2-Yr Old in the Netherlands. Cecilia is currently producing >43,0 kgM a day with 3.70% PROTEIN! Another great 2-Yr Old from Inkapi: Bel Byway Cashmere scored VG-87 as a 2-Yr Old in Italy at Bel Holstein yesterday! Continue reading...   Mehr lesen

15. April 2021 A great TAG Sale to mark in your calendars: the second edition of the Wilt Happy Days @ GAEC Wilt, France. This sale will be held October 1 - 2, 2021. They are selling >60 lots and only the very best from the top cow families you can find around the globe. For sale are milking cows, show cows, pregnant heifer, show heifers, huge embryo packages and many more!! Follow their Facebook page in the upcoming weeks for more info about the lots in the Wilt Happy Days TAG Sale.   Mehr lesen

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USA | Top 50 GTPI Calves (<9 Months) - 04/21

April 2021
1HOITA019992150174AltaZazzle x Medley x Octoberfest3014
2BOGHILL GLAMOUR HEROIC SK CARHerioc x Skywalker x Superhero2979
3ZWANEBLOEM CHARL ROZELLE 2Charl x Frazzled x Silver2974
4SHA TACUGAMATwitch x Crimson x Jedi2969
5DG ELIACharl x Spectre x Montross2965
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