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December 6, 2019 It's almost weekend and time for a new edition of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. Now it's your turn to shop your early christmas presents through the auction place. This sale offers: FEMALE Mirand PP *RC (#1 PTAT *RC & PP bull) from Wilt Fitz Elaya VG-88-FR VG-89-MS 2yr. (Grand Champion Agrimax 2018 & 2019) her +3.12 PTAT 1stGrade daughter, FEMALE Archrival embryos from Scientific Gold Dana Rae EX-95-USA (Grand Champion Mid-West Fall National 2012) her VG-87-USA daughter, FEMALE A2A2 Jersey embryos from the 8th generation EX in a row, FEMALE Luck-E Awesome (#1 UDC bull in the breed) of a R&W Tri-Day Ashlyn and many herdbuilding packages starting at 75 EUR / embryo. Click further for more examples of the lots selling.   Read More

December 4, 2019 He definitely takes over control in France: Gen GOODLIFE! He is for the second time in a row the leader in France testing: +224 ISU. In second follows Danhof GUARA with +221 ISU. The stage is complete with OKEN in third, who guarantees for +218 ISU. Remarkable in the top 10 ISU bulls (genomics & daughter proven) is the R&W bull OMATT RED with +213 ISU. Furhtermore we find in the global top the ONLY daughter proven bull with 70 daughters in France: LOUXOR with +210 ISU at a shared 19th position. Click further to view the complete French rankings.   Read More

December 4, 2019 Glenhaven SATURN came out as the big winner in Spain this December 2019 proof with +5357 ICO. This skyhigh ICO bull notes well ahead of the second one in the genomic list: Danhof Guarantee 12558 with +5256 ICO. Furthermore we find Gen Gorch / Gordon at the fifth place in the genomic list with +5194 ICO. The #1 daughter proven sire is Bomaz ALTATOPSHOT with +4794 ICO followed by Mr Mccut DANTE with +4584 ICO. Also Frazzled has a great run in Spain with +4560 ICO at place three. Click further for complete Spanish rankings.   Read More

December 4, 2019 Today it's time for the Dutch indexes based on NVI. The new #1 B&W genomic sire is DG DV SIMAX with testing +418 NVI in the second place we find VH Baboon with +409 NVI followed by DG Eagle with +399 NVI in third. The topping B&W daughter proven sire is this December 2019 run: S-S-I Mogul REFLECTOR with +377 NVI well ahead of the second one VH Bube BERNELL with +349 NVI. ALTARABO follows in third with +348 NVI and DG Charley with +347 NVI at place 4. Delta NOVAK P-RED kicks Delta Jacuzzi-Red (now +391 NVI) off the throne with testing +392 NVI. The number one daughter proven R&W sire is again Elegaaster MAXX-RED with +336 NVI. Coyne-Farms Sympatic PAT-RED follows in second with +306 NVI. RH DG ADAM-RED makes the stage complete with +299 NVI at place 3. Click further for all the Dutch indexes.   Read More

December 4, 2019 Rubels-Red came out as the #1 R&W GTPI sire in the breed for the third time in a row yesterday. This special Agro *RC son @ ABS is a son from OH DG Rubellia VG-86-NL 2yr. and traces back to the popular Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara *RC EX-92-CAN! RUBELS-RED his dam is a sister to the heavily used ALASKA-RED @ AI-Total. A great branch of the Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN 3E 10* that guarantees the best for the R&W breed after and after. RUBELS-RED provides a super profil: +2678 GTPI // 855 NM$ // +2.65 PTAT // +2.51 UDC // +1186 Milk // 0.15%F // 0.06%P & 2.78 SCS.   Read More

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