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Giessen Panini 2

20 de enero de 2022 Exciting FEMALE Doral-Red embryos (+2.90 PTAT / +2.36 UDC / +9 Conf.) out of the beautiful en promising Giessen Panini 2 *RC are selling in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. Panini 2 *RC is a Jordy-Red daughter out of the Nominated All-American 2011, Honerable Mention All-American 2012 and more: Windy-Knoll-View Panini EX-95-USA 2E. Panini EX-95-USA 2E is sired by Goldwyn and out of 4 generations with VG or EXCELLENT dams! Windy-Knoll-View Panini EX-95-USA 2E her dam produced >217.000 lbs Milk lifetime production and was first 5-Yr Old, during the World Dairy Expo 2007, we're talking about Windy-Knoll-View Pledge EX-95-USA 3E GMD DOM (s. Outside) she is out of Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95-USA 2E 3* GMD DOM. This could be your ticket for the next R&W SHOW WINNER on the coloured shavings! Click further to read more.   Leer más

Wilder Herz P VG-85-DE 2yr.

20 de enero de 2022 Two cows at Wilder Holsteins got the EXCELLENT score after they saw the classifier last week. First of them is the full sister of Wilder Hotspot P @RUW: Wilder Herzdame-P who scored EX-90-DE with an EX-91 mammary system. Herzdame-P is a Superhero daughter out of Wilder Herz-P, she was the former #1 GTPI POLLED heifer in Europe, out of Wilder Hira VG-85-DE 2yr. backed by Batke Outside Kora EX-94-DE. A family who delivers multiple high progeny and bulls in AI. Wilder Herzdame-P is also dam to the sire: Wilder Herzsam PP @Semex Germany. Click further for more info.   Leer más

18 de enero de 2022 Today we'll introduce you the top GTPI females above 3.00 PTAT (type) in Europe bases on the index proof. Topping at +2973 GTPI in combination with +3.44 PTAT is Pairing daughter EBA Sidoni backed by EBA Netty VG-87-FR 2yr. Netty is the dam to EBA Davinci @AI Total. In second follows a Hanans daughter from Italy with +2920 GTPI and +3.28 PTAT! On the third spot we find, a King Doc daughter with +2910 GTPI / +3.17 PTAT. Furthermore in the top 10 we find a lot of heifers owned by Willsbro Holsteins (UK), like Wilssbro 3139 (+2883 GTPI / +3.19 PTAT), Willsbro Hanans Adina 3355 (+2977 GTPI / +3.39 PTAT) and more! Click further for the complete top 10.   Leer más

Wilt Anara P Red

18 de enero de 2022 Exciting FEMALE Koepon OH RYDER-RED (+ 2719 GTPI / +1.74 PTAT) / Conventional Gen NH SPIRIT-RED (+ 2731 GTPI / +1.94 PTAT) embryos out of the beautiful Wilt Anara P Red are selling in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale this week. Wilt Anara P Red is a young and promising Mirand PP *RC daughter with +2.46 PTAT and +11 Conf. (12/21) out of Wilt Alana Red VG-88-FR 2yr. Alana Red is a Castel Bad daughter with +2.60 PTAT and +2.66 UDC (12/21), her dam is Ms Farnear Adler Arvis Agrovia VG-88-FR 3yr. She is a showwinnig Arvis daughter out of the tremendous Ms Farnear Aria Adler EX-96-USA!! Click further to read more.   Leer más

HH Jolie

17 de enero de 2022 She is a Jacoby grand daughter of the Res. All-World Champion 2010 & European Supreme Champion 2010: Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH: HH Jolie and is recently pictured. James Jolie is one of the most famous show cows in the history in Switzerland with winning two times the Swiss Expo & Expo Bulle!! With her legacy continues Jolie her success with her daughters: Riverdane Sid Jolie EX-91-UK, Chelios Jacinta VG-88-DE, Sid Toxie EX-91-CH and more. HH Jolie is sired by Jacoby out of Castel ZL Jamilia VG-85-DE VG-85-MS, she is a Jasper daughter and maternal sister to Wilcor Bradnick Jen VG-87-DE 3yr. Click further for more info.   Leer más

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USA | Top 50 GTPI Heifers (>9 Months) - 12/21

diciembre 2021
1HOITA019992150174AltaZazzle x Medley x Octoberfest3001
2ISOLABELLA INSEME EMBLEMANacash x Granite x Rubicon2959
3SUAMISubzero x King Doc x Jedi2959
4HODEU000956066787Heroic x Dynamo x Supershot2950
5HODEU000956066870Invictus x Medley x Supershot2946
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