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An exciting new addition in the Online Embryo Sale, which will close tommorow evening at 9:00 pm. Two FEMALE embryos by one of the hottest type sensation of the moment: Luck-E Undenied ADMIRAL (#6 PTAT sire in the breed: +4.55 PTAT // Grand son of Luck-E Advent Asia EX-94) from the Grand Champion R&W Danish National Show 2019 and Grand Champion Regional Show Aulum 2019: KhW Goldina-Red (VRC) VG-89-DK EX-MS (MAX). She is an unique R&W Mogul daughter and 50% of her offsprings will be RED, regardless her mating! Straight out this family is also HFP Gisma-Red (s. Crushtime) who was 2nd in Class 1 R&W Show Swiss Expo 2020. Take your chance >>> LOT 20 <<< in the Online Embryo Sale.

#2 FEMALE Luck-E Undenied ADMIRAL x KhW Goldina-Red (VRC) VG-89-DK EX-MS (MAX) >>> CLICK HERE <<<

KhW Goldina-Red (VRC) VG-89-DK EX-MS
Mogul x Lis Golda EX-90-DE (s. Braxton) x Morsan Pronto Fools Gold Red VG-85 x Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88

  • Grand Champion R&W Danish National Show 2019
  • Grand Champion Regional Show Aulum 2019

Same family: HFP Gisma-Red (s. Crushtime)

  • 2nd Class 1 R&W Swiss Expo 2020

3rd dam: Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88-CAN 3yr. 8*

  • 1st International Calf Tir-Country 2007

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