ALL pictures lots selling @ European Masters Sale

Tonight it's time for one of the most exciting events this year: THE EUROPEAN MASTERS SALE! Selling are 68 lots from the greatest families around the globe! 

Lot 1.Crescentmead DB Holly-Red

Lot 2. Rüben Apple Pie Red

Lot 3. Mox Jordy Attitude *Pp Red

Lot 4. Nohl Pyla

Lot 6. HAM Delight Lynxy

Lot 7. Agrilat Unix Little Kim

Lot 9. Milkmen Vilma 7144

 Lot 10. WD Holsteins Delta Carla

Lot 12. Mattenhof High Octane Graziana

Lot 14. MS DG O'Kadoby

Lot 17. Nohl Deeka Red

Lot 18. Ocilia du Neuhof Red

Lot 19. 5 FEMALE embryos by Trans-Jen-D Tequila-Red EX-96-USA

Lot 21. NH AH Bling Bling

Lot 22. Paeßens Jezebel

Lot 23. WEL Woodstock

Lot 25. MS Jordy Seisme-Red

Lot 27. NM Lockhead


Lot 28. Bel Chief Cecilia

Lot 29. RZN Solomon Camilla

Lot 30. NH Doc Fun

Lot 31. Golden-Oaks BY Chacalaca

Lot 35. HAM Aphrodita-Red

Lot 36. Panda TakTic Atlanta *RC

Lot 37. Arethusa Viva Loca

Lot 38. HAM Genius

 Lot 39. WIT Snicker Zuila

Lot 40. Absolute Callen Abrapeng

 Lot 42. Nohl Julia-Vray

Lot 44. NH Doc Blind Date

Lot 45. C-Sold Jessie

Lot 46. Gen Frieda

Lot 47. Regancrest Bounty

Lot 51. Wilt Laziza


Lot 54. Lausia de Bois Seigneur

Lot 55. Schwartz Sunkiss

Lot 56. Olivette de l'Herbagère

Lot 57. Nohl Wegas *RC

Lot 58. Bons-Holsteins Staels Kate

 Lot 60. NH DG Awesome Zenta *RC

Lot 63. B&S Alexis *RC


 Lot 64. 1st Choice FEMALE from 2 calves from Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody EX-97-UK

Lot 66. HAM Caramel

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