Another great Esmeralda dtr in Switzerland

The Carf Emeraude cow family has spred her wings into many countries in the World and caused plenty of enthusiasm with great Holstein breeders with the incredible results they are having with the members of this great cow family. Carf Emeraude herself is the cow in Europe with the most excellent daughters while she is still alive herself! Also Guillaume Barras from Switzerland has experienced the great qualities of this cow family with JK DG Sidekick Rolex-ET (Sidekick x Esmeralda), which he purchased as an embryo through the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale! 


Click here for more information about JK DG Esmeralda EX-92-NL EX-94-MS


JK DG Sidekick Rolex-ET at Guillaume Barras in Switzerland

JK DG Esmeralda EX-92-NL EX-94-MS at the European Show in Libramont



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