Balisto stays number 1 daughter proven RZG sire in Germany!

Balisto remains the #1 proven interbull sire in Germany, eventhough almost all German bulls lost a couple of points, he still remained on top with 156 RZG and 8120 daughters in his index! Closely followed in second place by Mayflower who has 155 RZG. He gained one place instead of Rookie who was the former number 2 in December. He is now 150 RZG.

The highest genomic bulls in Germany are Firestone, Bestday and Hotspot P, all three of these bulls have 161 GRZG. Second place is for Braveness with 160 GRZG. Only Firestone is a foreign bull in this list, al 3 other bulls behind him are domestic bulls, so these three are the number 1, 2 and 3 young bulls in the domestic genomics list! Charley sons are doing great here to, Summerlake and Casino who are still 160 and 159 GRZG, are the number 4 and 5 in the domestic available genomic list! 

In the list of atleast 500 milking daughters in Germany is KNS Boss the number 1! Both Boss and Force have 143 RZG and are 2 point in front of Big Point who is third.

There was a special place for Spark Red in the R&W genomic list, he is the absolute highest genomic red and white bull in the world! He is first in both domestic and the interbull list with a 162 GRZG! Spark Red is bred through the Genesland program and is a Salvatore x Debutant out of the Splendor Family!

Place 2 in the interbull is for Jacuzzi-Red with 156 GRZG also second is Pace-Red, he is also the #2 in the domestic bull list.

Snake Red is the one to watch in the Daughter proven lists, both domestic and interbull he is first with 139 RZG. He is a Poppe Snow-son out of a Destry and has around 850 daughters. Right behind him is Julandy with 136 RZG, also second in both lists. Third place in the domestic rzg list is Red Mist with 134 RZG and in the interbull list is Soko-Red, also a Poppe Snow-son!

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