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Beerzedal HiPo Pfct Emma

(Parfect x Challenger x Helix)

A real ALLROUNDER! She is the #22 GTPI Calf (>9 Months) in Europe at +3074 GTPI! (08/23)


Diamond Genetics
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June 8, 2022

Genomic Result

US 04/24 GTPI +3045 / NM $ 923 / PTAT +2.17 [ Details ]
CA 08/23 GLPI +3565 / Conf. +7


  • She is the #22 GTPI Calf (>9 Months) in Europe at +3074 GTPI! (08/23)
  • Wow! She combines +3074 GTPI with +925 NM$ and +2.44 PTAT (08/23)
  • She has no holes in her US index: +1544kgM with +0.09% Protein and +0.07% Fat (08/23)
  • Her TYPE: +2.21 Udders with positive teat length and +1.81 Feet&Legs - August 2023
  • She is from the same family as the sires Progenesis ESPN and Progenesis Encourage @Semex
  • She is from an deep American cow family
  • Her dam is a VG-87-CAN 4yr. old Challenger daughter and looks really promising


Progenesis Challen Embrace VG-87-CAN VG-87-MS 4yr.
1.09 365d 14.337kgM 4.0% 572F 3.6% 509P
3.07 365d 18.341kgM 4.5% 827F 3.8% 692P
  • Hugh Challenger daughter in CANADA
  • From 14 generations with VG or EXCELLENT dams
Main-Drag Helix Emmit VG-87-CAN VG-88-MS 2yr.
2.06 365d 11.696kgM 5.2% 609F 3.6% 426P
3.09 323d 13.149kgM 5.0% 657F 3.4% 447P
  • Star Brood Cow 1*
  • Dam to Progenesis ESPN and Progenesis Encourage @Semex
AOT Silver Helix
Main-Drag Rubicon Email EX-91-USA 2E
1-09 365d 14.007kgM 3.9% 541F 3.4% 470P
2-09 306d 14.692kgM 3.9% 570F 3.3% 484P
  • Backed by 11 generations VG or Excellent cows!
  • Tracing back to Ridgedale Fond Example EX-95-USA 3E

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8th Ridgedale Emera EX-95-USA 5E
9th Ridgedale Emma VG-88-USA 3yr.
10th Ridgedale Fond Example EX-95-USA 3E
11th Ridgedale Quality Extra EX-90-USA 5yr.
12th Ridgedale SS Emmy VG-87-USA
13th Ridgedale Originator M & M EX-90-USA 2E

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