Casper #1 in Switzerland

The highest genomic bull during the Swiss index run is Claynook Casper, this Hang-Time x Bombero is the #1 ISET bull with +1768. Modesty son S-S-I Modesty Marguee is second with +1760 ISET and Endco Supreme is third with +1731 ISET. This is the top 3 genomic sires in Zwitserland! 

The daughter proven number 1 bull is Clear-Echo Lexor Racer, he was second in the August run last year but is #1 now! His ISET is stil +1542 ISET, the runner up is S-S-I Mogul Reflector and has 11 points less then Racer and has +1531 ISET. The bull behind Reflector is View-Home Ernhardt Powerball  with +1493 ISET.

The R&W Bretagne-son Redbird is the clear number one R&W genomic bull in this index run. He has +1635 ISET, and is more then 30 point higher as his runner up. Second bull in this list is Sunfish-son Manana Red with 1602 ISET and third is R DG Aladdin Red with +1601. This Entitle-son is bred by the great R&W breeder Rens Laan of the Rijnhof Holsteins and Diamond Genetics and is now owned by Cogent, UK. He traces back through the well known red and white cow BTS Avea Red to the KHW Goldwyn Aiko family.

Number one in the daughter proven sire list is Ri-Val-Re Rager Red with +1440 ISET and knocked the widely loved Tiger-Lily Ladd P Red of its throne, he still has +1427 ISET. Still behind Ladd P is Mr Ansly Addiction Red, just like the August run last year!

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