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De Oosterhof Cream la Cream

(Chrome x Andreas x Tequila)

Chrome grand daughter out the numerous All-American Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93-USA


Broeklander Holsteins
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October 25, 2021


  • Here she is! A Chrome grand daughter out of Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93!!
  • Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93 is the QUEEN from the Jerseys!
  • Tequila Shot was the H.M. Senior Champion Wisconsin Summer Show 2020, 1st Aged Cow Wisconsin
  • Summer Show 2020, 1st 5-Yr Old & Grand Champion NY Spring Jersey Show 2018, Res. Grand Champion
  • Midwest National Spring Jersey Show 2018, All-Canadian 4-Yr Old 2017 and more!
  • Her 3rd dam Deluxe Gorgeous EX-92 was 1st in her class Senior Calf AI State Fair 2004
  • Cream la Cream is out of show winning family!


River Valley Cece Chrome
De Oosterhof Andreas Tequila
  • Sold as an embryo embryo through the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale
  • Sunset Canyon Andreas daughter out of the numerous All-American Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93-
Sunset Canyon Andreas
Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93-USA
3-07 305d 8.709kgM 4.6% 402F 3.6% 316P
  • All-Canadian 4yr. Old 2017, ABA Res. All-American 4yr. Old 2017
  • 1st 4yr. Old Royal Winter Fair 2017, 2nd 4yr. Old World Dairy Expo 2017
  • All-Canadian Senior 3yr. Old 2016, ABA HM. All-American Senior 3yr. Old 2016
  • 1st Sr. 3yr. Old Royal Winter Fair 2016, Res. All-Wisconsin Sr. 3yr. Old 2016 & more!
Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET
Mi Will Deluxe Gorgeous EX-92-USA
2-10 305d 7.007kgM 5.2% 364F 3.8% 249P
4-08 218 4.831kgM 4.2% 205F 3.8% 188P
  • Res. Grand Champion IA State Jr. Show 2008, 3rd 4yr. Old IA State Fair 2008
  • 1st Senior 2yr. Old IA State Fair '06, 1st Sr. Yearling IS State Fair '05
  • 1st Senior Calf IA State Fair 2004
  • Dam to Schulte Bros Vin Glamour EX-90-USA: Res. Grand Champion IA State Fair 2010

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