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Destiny Red VG-87-DE

(Sympatico x Destry x Advent)

Sympatico dtr of the Budjon Redmarker Desire family!


Nosbisch Holsteins
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Reg No.



April 8, 2014

Production Records

1lac 305d 10.081kgM 3.7% 369F 3.4% 338P
2lac 305d 10.747kgM 3.47% 373F 3.44% 369P (Proj.)


87FR 87MS 87FL / VG-87-DE


  • Sympatico dtr of the exclusive Budjon Redmarker Desire family in Europe!!
  • 5 generations Excellent dams behind her!
  • Deep cowfamily with numerous All-Americans and showwinning cows!
  • Backed by the Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96-USA family!
  • Destiny was Reserve Intermediate Champion BZT Show '17 and 2nd RUW Show '17!
  • Average of 91,0 points in her pedigree!!!
  • Great show family!!


Milksource D Devils Red EX-90-USA
2/1 305d 13.767kgM 4.0% 548F 3.5% 479P
  • Dtr of Budjon-Nitzy Destiny Red EX-94-USA
Scientific DESTRY-ET
Budjon-Nitzy Destiny-Red EX-94 2E
2-03 317d 12.084kgM 3.9% 476F 3.4% 407P
3-02 310d 14.629kgM 3.3% 485F 3.2% 475P
4-03 305d 14.474kgM 3.3% 479F 3.3% 472P
  • Unanimous All-American 4-Year-Old 2011
  • HM Senior Champion, International R&W Show 2011
  • Unanimous All-American Jr 3-Year-Old 2010
  • Junior Champion, International R&W SHow 2008
Budjon Redmarker Desire *RC EX-96-USA 3E GMD
5-03 2x 365d 21.564kgM 4.2% 906F 2.9% 632P
  • Reserve All-American 125,000 lb Cow 2007
  • Nominated All-American Aged Cow 2006
  • Unanimous All-American 5-Year-Old 2005
  • Grand Champion, World Dairy Expo 2005

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