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Share DG Agnieska-Red EX-90-NL

(Payball x Fageno x Fidelity)

Intermediate Champion R&W Hoornaar '18


Batouwe Holsteins - Fam. Bakker
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Reg No.



June 16, 2016

Production Records

2.02 390d 11.058kgM 4.8% 528F 3.6% 402P
3.05 450d 14.202kgM 5.0% 716F 3.6% 511P
4.10 303d 9.482kgM 5.0% 475F 3.5% 328P



Genomic Result

DE 12/16 RZE +130 / RZM +123 / RZG +136


  • Intermediate Champion R&W Hoornaar Show '18
  • 6th place between B&W's FVZH-Wintershow Noordeloos 2020
  • One of the highest R&W Payball daughters in the German test system
  • Lots of TYPE for the R&W breed: RZE +130 & +130 UDDER (12/16)
  • Dam is one of the highest R&W females of her generation in the German test system
  • 3rd dam is maternal sister to the most used bull in Germany, SURAN @ RBB
  • 6th dam is a former #1 GTPI Cow in the USA


Batouwe BRK Cinthia Red (D.O.B. November 2019)
Batouwe Jld Cindy Red VG-87-NL 2yr. (D.O.B. August 2018)


Caps Angela 4-Red VG-85-NL 3yr.
2.09 406d 14.855kgM 4.5% 666F 3.6% 531P
4.01 280d 13.372kgM 4.2% 564F 3.4% 452P
4.01 305d 14.284kgM 4.3%F 3.4%P (proj)
  • Former #3 RZG Fageno daughter World Wide!
  • One of the highest R&W RZG cows in the World
Caps VVH Pw Angela 1 *RC VG-86-NL 2yr.
2.01 305d 12.399kgM 4.0% 495F 3.4% 421P
3.08 305d 16.008kgM 3.4% 537F 3.3% 531P
5.03 305d 14.930kgM 4.0% 593F 3.5% 525P
VVH Pw Angela GP-NL 2yr.
2.02 305d 10.755kgM 3.7% 395F 3.2% 341P
  • Maternal sister to dam of SURAN

Next Dams

4th Albus Man Ileandra VG-85-IT 2yr.
5th Cinderella VG-85-IT 2yr.
6th Felder Den Barb Cindy EX-91-USA 3E GMD DOM
7th Miss Den-Barb Global Cora EX-90 GMD DOM
8th Ruann Royalty Cora EX-90-USA DOM
9th Carnation S Pete Coralline VG-86-USA GMD
10th Diamond-S Eve Corry EX-90-USA 2E GMD DOM
11th Diamond-S Glamour Cass EX-93-USA 3E GMD
12th Diamond S Bvar Cassie EX-90-USA GMD
13th Lavacres Polly Caroline EX-91-USA
14th Lavacres Dusty Jo Carousel EX-91
15th Lavacres Dusty Carla EX-90-USA
16th Korndyke Christine

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