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DG Belle Red-ET VG-88-UK EX-MS 3yr.

(Olympian x grand dtr of TALENT BARBARA EX-95)

World class RED Cow!


Panda Holsteins
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Reg No.



December 10, 2014

Production Records

La1 277d 9.339kgM 4.0% 373P 3.3% 308P
La 2: First test 46kgM daily


90-MS / VG-88-UK

Genomic Result

US 08/18 GTPI +2244 / NM $ 387 / PTAT +2.03 [ Details ]


  • Incredible R&W cow
  • R&W grand dtr of the All-American & All-Canadian Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA
  • Very successful bloodline from the Talent Barbara's
  • Belle Red has show appeal and high genomics
  • Maternal sister to Barb, sold for $ 265.000, many sons in AI and high dtrs and grand dtrs
  • Many brothers in AI @ Semex and more
  • Goes back to Rainyridge Tony Beauty, the oldest cow who ever won Madison


Ladys-Manor OLYMPIAN *RC
Rainyridge Super Beth *RC VG-86-CAN 2yr. 2*
2.03 365d 10.768kgM 3.7% 398F 3.5% 373P
4.06 365d 15.267kgM 3.9% 588F 3.5% 540P
  • Top seller of the Rocky Mountain High Sale for $79.000
  • Dam to: Calbrett Supersire Barb *RC, topseller Cormdale Summer Sale for $265.000
  • Multiple sons in AI
Rainyridge Talent Barbara *RC EX-95-USA 2*
2-05 2x 298d 11.213kgM 4.1% 464F 3.2% 358P
3-04 2x 365d 15.633kgM 3.6% 570F 3.3% 514P
  • Unanimous All-American 5-Yr-Old 2010
  • Unanimous All-Canadian 5-Yr-Old 2010
  • HM All-American Aged Cow 2011
  • Nom All-American Jr 3-Yr-Old 2008
Ladino Park TALENT
RF Outside Breeze EX-95-USA 2E
2-03 2x 365d 10.818kgM 6.2% 670F 4.3% 463P
4-02 2x 334d 14.479kgM 4.7% 675F 3.5% 505P
8-00 3x 365d 17.223kgM 3.9F 673F 3.4% 589P
  • 1st 5-Yr MB Spring 2008

Next Dams

4th Rayverley Briana Milan EX-CAN 2E
5th Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN 5E 9*
6th Despics Tempo Diana VG-85-CAN

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