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DG Berdine (A2A2)

(Monteverdi x Gen Rave x Hotspot P)

She is the #22 B&W gNVI heifer in Europe at +346 gNVI! (08/23)


Diamond Genetics
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Reg No.



November 13, 2022

Genomic Result

US 04/24 GTPI +2903 / NM $ 920 / PTAT +1.00 [ Details ]
NL 08/23 Type +102 / NVI +346


  • She is the #22 B&W gNVI heifer in Europe at +346 gNVI! (08/23)
  • She combines +346 gNVI with +102 Type! (04/23)
  • She is a +2917 GTPI Monteverdi daughter with +1.01 PTAT and +920 NM$!
  • Her health traits in the US: +2.74 SCS / +0.6 DPR / 1.1% SCE / +1.6 Livability (08/23)
  • Same family is as DKR Babylone - the dam to Bolt, Brisbane, Bangalore and
  • She is from the same family Fux Seattle EX-97-DE, the Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2022
  • From the Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie family


Progenesis Monteverdi
DG Bell VG-87-NL 2yr.
  • The #2 GTPI Rave daughter WORLDWIDE! - April 2023
DG Bella Donna
  • Niece to DG Missouri son: DG Bertin @Ai-Total
DG Brechje-ET (BB)
La1 305d 12.765kgM 4.0% 515F 3.5% 452P
La1 467d 18.372kgM 4.2% 776F 3.7% 686P

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