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DG JK Sanni

(Tarrino x Silver x Tango)

Top ranking gTPI Calf!

Multiple Owners

JK Eder Holsteins
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Diamond Genetics
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Reg No.



December 6, 2018

Genomic Result

US 04/20 GTPI +2677 / NM $ 582 / PTAT +0.68 [ Details ]


  • The #25 gTPI female in the March intermediate run! (03/19)
  • >2770 gTPI with 870 NET MERIT! (03/19)
  • Grand dam's full brother is sold for 44.000 EUR
  • Family that deliverd many bulls for A.I.!!
  • 11 generations VG or EX-dams in her pedigree!


DG JK Silvester VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.05 198d 5.485kgM 4.7% 257F 3.7% 257P
2.05 305d 8.214kgM 4.8%F 3.8% (proj)
  • +2618 GTPI and +747 NM$ in her index (12/18)
Seagull-Bay SILVER-ET
JK Eder DG Silly 1-ET VG-86-NL VG-87-MS
2.08 182d 6.536kgM 4.0% 264F 3.5% 229P (Inc.)
(Proj) 305d 10.445kgM 4.1%F 3.6%P
  • Looks great!
  • Full brother sold for € 44.000
Mr Welcome Hill TANGO-ET
JK Eder DG Silly VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.05 517d 12.679kgM 4.3% 547F 3.7% 474P
4.00 227d 7.060kgM 3.9% 272F 3.6% 251P (Inc.)
  • Several sons in AI already
  • Son sold for € 44.000
  • Former top 20 GTPI cow in Europe
  • Dam to Seducer & Season @ Semex & Sullivan @ AI-Total

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