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DG Nadra

(AltaWheelhouse x Wimbledon x Benz)

She is the #8 GTPI female in Europe at +2969 GTPI (11/22)


Diamond Genetics
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August 11, 2022

Genomic Result

US 12/23 GTPI +2940 / NM $ 938 / PTAT +1.45 [ Details ]


  • Here she is! From the successfull Neblina cow family: DG Nadra
  • She is the #8 GTPI female in Europe at +2969 GTPI (11/22)
  • She has no holes in her index: +912kgM / +0.12% Pro / +0.16% Fat / +0.6 DPR / 1.9% SCE (11/22)
  • She combines +2969 GTPI with +1.48 PTAT and +974 NM$!
  • From the same family as Tir-An N.U. Nyala VG-86-NL 3yr. one of the best transmitting cows in EU
  • She is from the same family as the sires: Noel @ Vost and Samba @ Cogent
  • From the very successful Neblina cow family


DG HS Naya
  • +2722 GTPI Wimbledon daughter from the Neblina's!
HS DG Nance
DG HS Nadja
  • 2 Benz sons in the global top: +2758, +2706 GTPI (08/19)
  • Genomic giant: daughters testing >2700 gTPI! (08/19)
  • From the very successful Neblina cow family
  • Nadja herself still test: +2630 gTPI (08/19)

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