DG Peace and DG Jimbo debuting the in the Top 10 B&W NVI!

We continue the August proof with the Dutch indexes coming in. The #1 Genomics B&W GNVI sire is Delta Encourage, a Fragant son with +448 NVI, followed by Delta Warren P at +416 NVI and on the third place Midwolder Unlimited at +411 NVI. Furthermore we find in the Top 10 B&W genomics GNVI sires the maternal brothers DG Peace (s. Captain) @Ai-Total at the 4th spot at +406 NVI and DG Jimbo (s. Arrozo) @Ai-Total at the 10th spot at +374 NVI. DG Peace and DG Jimbo their dam is Redrock Klutch daughter Paeẞens Jezebel VG-86-NL 2yr. The #1 R&W genomic sire is Delta Borax-Red at +396 NVI, followed by DV DG Rammstein-Red (+392 NVI) and Shake-Red (+376 NVI). The #1 daughter proven Black & White interbull sire is this run OH DG Topstone (s. Topshot) at +300 NVI.


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