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DG Welmoed

(Happen x Doc x Solomon)

THE #6 PTAT Calf (<9 Months) in Europe at +4.00 PTAT!! (04/22)


Diamond Genetics
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November 16, 2021

Genomic Result

US 12/23 GTPI +2471 / NM $ 266 / PTAT +3.74 [ Details ]
CA 04/22 Conf. +9


  • THE #6 PTAT Calf (<9 Months) in Europe at +4.00 PTAT!! (04/22)
  • The #1 PTAT Happen daughter World Wide! - January 2022
  • She is the #2 PTAT Happen daughter WORLD WIDE!
  • And she full sister to the #1 PTAT Happen daughter world wide: DG Wilma at +4.12 PTAT! (04/22)
  • Dam is sister to K&L KD Wilma (+3.73 PTAT) (01/22)
  • 4th dam is Excellent-91 Brokaw backed by EX-95 Juniper Outside WISH!


K&L KD Wishfull
  • It's true --> she's is the #17 PTAT Cow > 2 years in Europe at +3.69 PTAT! (04/22) <--
Siemers Solomon Whipcream GP-USA 2yr.
2.01 294d 10.837kgM 4.3% 466F 3.1% 336P
Last recording: 44.0kgM 4.1%F 3.2%P
  • +3.09 PTAT // +1.26 UDC (04/20)
Walnutlawn SOLOMON
Siemers Brkw Whipcream EX-91-USA
2.00 304d 11.036kgM 4.4% 486F 3.4% 375P
3.00 305d 14.751kgM 4.0% 590F 3.5% 516P
  • Impressive offering... Excellent-91 Brokaw backed by EX-95 Juniper Outside WISH!
  • Huge PTA Type, +3.83T, combined with a deep high-scoring pedigree!

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