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Drakkar Bariva (A2A2)

(Percival x Luster-P x Imax)

She is the #3 Polled GTPI female in Europe at +3100 GTPI! (04/24)


Drakkar Holsteins / DG France
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Reg No.



August 26, 2023

Genomic Result

US 04/24 GTPI +3100 / NM $ 1001 / PTAT +2.13 [ Details ]


  • She is the #3 Polled GTPI female in Europe at +3100 GTPI! (04/24)
  • Great index, combining +3100 GTPI with +2.13 PTAT! (04/24)
  • Huge milkproduction in his US-index: +1496kgM with +0.26% Fat & +0.07% Protein (04/24)
  • Her dam is an UNIQUE POLLED Luster P daughter classified with VG-86-FR VG-87-MS 2yr.
  • Same family as the Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2022: Fux Seattle EX-97-DE
  • Great grand dam is the former #2 GTPI Chevrolet daughter WORLD WIDE!
  • She has 13 VG or excellent scored dams in her pedigree!
  • From the Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie VG-87-CAN 18* cow family


DGF Briana P VG-86-FR VG-87-MS 2yr.
  • Dam to Dkr Ursaki (s. Percival) @ AI-Total at +3127 GTPI / +1029 NM$ / +1.96 PTAT! (04/24)
DGF Brenda
  • Dam to Captain brothers: DGF Bristol (+3073 GTPI) & DGF Baruch (+3065 GTPI) at Inseme
DKR Baccardi VG-87-FR VG-89-MS 2yr.
  • Huge score of VG-87-FR 2yr. VG-89-MS
  • Silver dtr from the Babylone family!

Next Dams

4th DKR Babylone VG-85-FR 3yr.
5th DKR Bayla VG-86-NL 2yr.
6th Baviere VG-87-FR EX-90-MS
7th SH Jocko Jen VG-86-NL 2yr.
8th Sunnylodge Rudolph Jen EX-90-DE
9th Sunnylodge Jennifer VG-85-CAN 14*
10th Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie VG-87-CAN 18*
11th Sunnylodge He Man Judy VG-86-CAN
12th Sunnylodge Lolie VG-85-CAN
13th Sunnylodge Edith EX-CAN
14th Sunnylodge Carol Maple VG-86-CAN
15th Merkdale Tena President VG-CAN

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