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Dueholm Loveable

(Doorman x Contrast x Goldwyn)

Doorman granddaughter of Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza EX-93!


Bolleholster Holsteins
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September 1, 2017


  • Beautifull Doorman granddaughter of Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza EX-93!
  • Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza EX-93 was 1st Jr. 2yr. old at the WDE and Royal Winterfair 2013!!
  • Siepermann Lalena is VG-89-DK 2yr. old, MAX score, just like her dam!
  • Several all-Canadian & American nominations in the pedigree!
  • Siepermann Lalena was sold through the Vekis Spring Sale '16
  • Same family as the "One Million Dollar" Cow, Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94-CAN
  • Great show family!!


Siepermanns Lalena VG-89-DK 2yr. (MAX)
La1 305d 14.877kgM 4% 591F 3.1% 458P (Proj.)
Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza EX-93-CAN
1.10 365d 11.837kgM 3.7% 436F 3.4% 407P
3.10 305d 12.727kgM 3.5% 495F 3.2% 450P
La3 305d 13.573kgM 3.6% 485F 3.2% 427P
  • 1st place Royal & Madison '13
  • All-Canadian & American Jr. 2-Yr. Old '13
  • All-Ontario & Quebec '13
  • > 10 Championship titles
Braedale GOLDWYN
Lylehaven Durham Lekysya EX-92-CAN EX-92-MS
2.04 365d 11.683kgM 4.1% 483F 3.6% 416P
3.07 365d 15.722kgM 4.2% 655F 3.4% 540P
6.06 365d 15.230kgM 3.9% 600F 3.4% 515P
  • 2nd Mature Cow Lotbiniere '14
  • Nom. All-Quebec 4-Yr. '12
  • HM. All-Canadian 3-Yr., Sr. 2-Yr, Res. All-American Sr. 2-Yr. & more
  • 2nd Sr. 3-Yr. Old Royal '11

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