Exclusive Robust dtr CNN Miss Amerika is fresh

CNN Miss Amerika is fresh at CNN Holsteins. She is sired by the #2 dtr proven sire on TPI base, Roylane Socra Robust (GTPI +2504 with 1173 milking dtrs in his index), Robust is not available in Europe. Amerika came in Europe out of embryo import and is a dtr of Nova-TMJ Golden Echo VG-88-USA EX-MS from the Eroy cow family! Amerika has bred amazing with high indexing dtrs for TPI and RZG!


Amerika produced >35 kg Milk in her first test with high components. She has done a great job with transmitting high progeny with several offspring testing >155 RZG, she has a Red Carrier Polled Kanu P with RZG 148, a Chevrolet with GTPI +2351 and RZG 159, Predestine dtrs >2400 GTPI and more! 

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Her dam: Nova-TMJ Golden Echo VG-88-USA EX-MS

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