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FG KOE Lady Delilah *RC

(King Doc x Ladd P-Red x Modest)

King Doc grand dtr of the legandary Lady Gaga EX-97!!


JK Eder Holsteins
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April 8, 2019


  • RED CARRIER King Doc grand daughter of the legendary Lady Gaga EX-97-DE EX-98-MS!
  • Lady Gaga is one of the most successful European Show cows of the past decade!
  • She has an unrivalled victory list with winning: Senior Champion Schau der Besten 2019,
  • 2nd place European Show Libramont '19, Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2018, 2016 & 2015,
  • Grand Champion DHV-Schau (German National Show) 2017 & 2015, 1st Swiss Expo '18 & more!
  • Tremendous sire stack: King Doc x Ladd P-Red x EX-97-DE Modest x VG-86-FR Lheros
  • Darlingo sister was 3rd at Rindernightshow Wattwil 2018, Switzerland
  • Deep French cow family from origin!


FG Lady in Black *RC VG-86-DE VG-86-MS 2yr.
1/1La 305d 11.175kgM 4.0% 443F 3.5% 386P
  • >11.000kgM with 3.5% protein in her first lactation!
  • Sister to: HAM Fever Lilli VG-89-DE VG-89-MS La3.
Tiger-Lily LADD P-RED
Lady Gaga EX-97-DE EX-98-MS
8/8La 305d 13.993kgM 3.7% 511F 3.1% 431P
HL7 305d 17.751kgM 3.5% 629F 2.9% 515P
  • Sr. Champion SDB '19, 2nd place European Show Libramont '19, 1st place German Dairy Show '19,
  • Grand Champion SDB '18, 1st place Swiss Expo '18, 1st Sr. Cow Swiss Expo Lausanne '15 & '16
  • Grand Champion DHV-Schau '17, Grand Champion SDB '16 & '15, 2nd place European Show Colmar '16
  • Grand Champion WEU-Konvent '14, Grand Champion Thuringa Holstein Open 2014
295 VG-86-FR
4/3La 305d 9.227kgM 3.5% 322F 2.9% 263P
HL3 305d 11.101kgM 3.8% 416F 2.8% 308P
  • Dam to one of the most successful show cows in Europe: LADY GAGA EX-97!!

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4th 159 VG-89-FR (s. Rudolph)

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