Fresh KING DOC dtr of All-Dea Black & White!!

In Italy at TJR Portea, an amazing Woodcrest KING DOC daughter of the classwinner European Holstein Show Montichiari 2019: All-Dea Black & White EX-93-IT just calved and has been pictured by Luca Nolli. La Portea Doc Blach Angelica still notes +2.70 PTAT in combination with +2439 GTPI and +8 Conformation as a 2-Yr Old. Her dam was also 2nd at the Italian National Show in 2019 and goes back on a deep Canadian cow family with 8 generations EXCELLENT dams to the 18 STAR brood cow: Karnvilla Skychief Roxe EX-CAN 18*.

Photo credits: Luca Nolli ©

All-Dea Black & White EX-93-IT (PEDIGREE)
Monterey x All-Dea Beauty EX-90-IT (s. Goldwyn) x All-Dea Bybba EX-91-IT (s. Pronto) x 5 gen. EX-dams

  • 1st place European Holstein Show Montichiari 2019, Italy
  • 2nd place Italian National Show Cremona '19
  • One of the most admired show cows in Italy and recently scored EX-93 as a third calver!!
  • 8th generation EXCELLENT in a row!
  • Her Sidekick daughter sold in the Online Holland Masters Sale to the United Kingdom!
  • Deep Canadian cow family going back on the 18 STAR brood cow: Karnvilla Skychief Roxe EX-CAN

La Portea Doc Blach Angelica (PEDIGREE)
King Doc x All-Dea Black & White EX-93-IT
US 04/21 GTPI +2439 / PTAT +2.70 / UDC +1.82 / Milk +355 / +0.02%P
CA 04/21 Conf. +8

  • >2400 GTPI with +2.70 PTAT - April 2021
  • Rare sire stack: King Doc x Monterey x Goldwyn x Pronto x Banner x Skychief
  • SHOW WINNING pedigree with 8 gen. EXCELLENT dams!

All-Dea Black & White EX-93-IT (L) along with her daughter La Portea Doc Blach Angelica (R)

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TJR Portea
Localita' Bocca della Valle, 1
Anzola D'ossola VB, Italy
Phone: +39 (0)33 57462025
Email: riky.bianchi@gmail.com

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