Giessen Holsteins again #1 production herd in Drenthe

Giessen Holsteins (Theo van Vliet) had again an incredible 'milk' year! Giessen Holsteins is the number 1 producion herd from the province Drenthe for the milk registration year 2020 - 2021. This is the second time that Giessen Holsteins is the #1 production herd from Drenthe. Giessen Holsteins was also last year the #1 production herd from Drenthe. The herd avarage from 2020-2021: 13.295kgM / cow / year with 4,36% fat, 3,41% protein and 1.034kg combinated Fat + Protein, a super achievement. With these huge numbers they are also the #10 of the Netherlands in general. Also the 22 2-Yr. Olds scored an average of VG-87,2 with VG-87,4 for udders! This makes Giessen Holsteins the #5 TYPE in the Netherlands. An rare combination, congrats to the Van Vliet family with this huge accomplishment!!


Giessen Holsteins: #1 production herd of Drenthe and #10 in general of the Netherlands!


Giessen Holsteins one of the highest classified herds in the Netherlands!


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Giessen Holsteins
J.Poststraat 38
Nieuwlande, Netherlands
7918 AC
Phone: +31 (0)6 15330600
Web Site: http://www.tvanvliet.nl
Email: theovanvliet@home.nl

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