Great embryo result: Stunning Jersey at De Oosterhof

We can find an absolutely stunning Jersey at De Oosterhof named De Oosterhof Andreas Tequila. Being a Sunset Canyon Andreas daughter out of the numerous All-American Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93-USA she is off to start an impressive branch of this world renowned family in the Netherlands. She has a beautifull balance, fantastic feet & leggs and a great udder promise. Sunset Canyon Andreas his daughters are phenomenal. They have picture perfect udders and a youthfulness that will make them great older cows. His calves are winning shows and demanding high prices in the sale ring. ANDREAS offers a great type mating for great cattle with the Jersey Legend Veronica in the pedigree.

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Sunset Canyon Andreas x Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93-USA x Mi Wil Deluxe Gorgeous EX-92-USA

De Oosterhof Andreas Tequila her dam Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93-USA being named Grand Champion Spring Dairy Carousel 2018

Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93-USA | Dam
2.04 305d 7.017kgM 4.9% 345F 3.9% 274P
3.07 305d 8.717kgM 4.6% 401F 3.6% 314P
4.11 305d 9.121kgM 4.8% 438F 3.7% 337P
7.07 305d 10.003kgM 5.3% 533F 3.4% 340P (proj.)
* H.M. Senior Champion Wisconsin Summer Show 2020
* 1st Aged Cow Wisconsin Summer show 2020
* 1st 5-Yr Old & Grand Champion NY Spring Jersey Show 2018
* Res. Grand Champion Midwest National Spring Jersey Show 2018
* All-Canadian 4-Yr Old 2017
* Res. All-American 4-Yr Old 2017
* 1st & Best Udder 4-Yr Old Royal Winter Fair 2017
* 2nd 4-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2017
* All-Canadian Sr. 3-Yr Old 2016
* H.M. All-American Sr. 3-Yr Old 2016
* 1st & Best Udder Sr. 3-Yr Old Royal Winter Fair 2016
* 3rd & Best Udder Sr. 3-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2016
* Reserve All-Wisconsin Sr. 3-Yr Old 2016
* H.M. All-American Sr. 2-Yr Old 2015
* 3rd Sr. 2-Yr Old All-American Jersey Show 2015
* 3rd Sr. 2-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2015
* 1st Sr. 2-Yr Old & H.M. Int. Champion New York Spring Show 2015

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