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HAM Hulapalu VG-88-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.

(Fitz x Goldwyn x Derek)

Reserve Champion Weser-Ems Young Breeders Show 2017


van der Eijk Holsteins
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Reg No.



December 16, 2016

Production Records

2.06 305d 9.453kgM 3.9% 372F 3.3% 315P


VG-88-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.


  • Reserve Champion Weser-Ems Young Breeders Show 2017
  • Champion at the VOST-Type Competiton 2017
  • Great Fitz dtr of the longliving family of the Grand Champion Schau der Besten '08: Hawaï EX-94
  • Fabulous sire stack: VG-88 Fitz x EX-91 Goldwyn x VG-89 Derek x HAM Hawaï EX-94-DE
  • Family that delivered many show winning and EX-scored cows!


HAM Hula EX-91-DE
7.00 305d 9.277kgM 4.0% 372F 3.4% 314P
HL5 305d 10.727kgM 4.0% 426F 3.4% 365P
Braedale GOLDWYN
HAM Hanika VG-89-DE
2.00 305d 10.477kgM 3.5% 370F 3.2% 337P
HL3 305d 12.172kgM 3.9% 473F 3.3% 405P
Emerald Acr. Sa T DEREK
HAM Hawaï EX-94-DE EX-96-MS
7.00 305d 12.041kgM 4.6% 557F 3.6% 431P
HL6 305d 17.471kgM 4.3% 751F 3.5% 611P
  • Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2008
  • >17.000kgM with 3.5% PROTEIN

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