Hokovit POWERALL P - topping ISET sire at +1511 ISET

Hokovit POWERALL P, one of Hokovit Genetics latest releases, is in the top 4 ISET sires in the Swiss system. He notes profitable 1511 ISET and available at Swissgenetics since January. He has many more to offer you: +0.30% Protein, Kappa Casein BB, POLLED and a huge cow family tracing back to the queen of the breed: C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD! His dam Hokovit Powerwind GP-83-CH 2yr. is doing well in her second lactation and currently projected with 12.500kgM 3.91%F 3.41%P in 305 days. The daughter of POWERALL P his maternal sister: Hokovit Powermaid notes +1617 ISET and 150 IPL and belongs to the absolute top ISET heifers in Switzerland!

Hokovit Powerall-P @ Swissgenetics
POLLED //  +0.30% Protein // kappa casein BB // +1511 ISET

Daughter of POWERALL P his maternal sister: Hokovit Riveting Powermaid (PEDIGREE)
S-S-I BG Frzzld Riveting x Hokovit Adagio Powergirl x Hokovit Powerall Powerwind GP-83-CH 2yr. x VG-85 Windbrook

Dam POWERALL P: Hokovit Powerball Powerwind GP-83-CH 2yr. (s. View-Home Ernhdt Powerball-P)
2.02 305d 8.767kgM 4.1% 356F 3.5% 302P
La2 305d 12.500kgM 3.91%F 3.41%P (proj.)

3rd dam Powerall-P: Moo Goldwyn Diamond EX-93-CH 3E 6*
Goldwyn x Riedmuellers Blitz Colombe EX-90 x  Durham Cinderella VG-89 x Wilcoxview Cinderella EX-92 x VG-88 x Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96

Foundation cow & QUEEN OF THE BREED: C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD

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