Impressive progeny group CASINO at the Excellent Schau '23

Veelhorst DG Casino is definetly one of a kind!! The topranking RZG sire is bred by Diamond Genetics and De Veelhorst. He breed very consistent cows with a lot of dairy character and huge productions. At the Ecxellent Schau '23 in Leer last wednesday he had shown an impressive progeny group with 2nd calvers. Daughterproven sire De Veelhorst DG Casino is a DG Charley son at still +153 RZG and +116 RZE (Type) with in his German index >3100 daughter at 790 farms! He shows tremendous Milkproduction traits in his German index with +1911kgM and +0.10% Fat and +0.02% Protein. DG Casino has a Bookem-free pedigree and is out of a Mardi Gras x Planet x Snowman (Broeks Betty). The new Miss Ostfriesland of the show in ZR India! The 4yr. old Sidekick daughter became 1st in her class with youngest Intermediate Cows and won the title Intermediate Champion, followed by Grand Champion. Godewind daughter Belinda became 1st in her class and was named as Senior Champion.

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Progeny group of Veelhorst DG Casino at the Excellent Schau '23

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DG Charley x Broeks Madibet (s. Mardi Grass) x Broeks Plabet VG-88-NL 2yr. x Broeks Betty VG-88-NL 2yr. (s. Snowman)

Mammary system of the Miss Ostfriesland: ZR India EX-92-DE EX-92-MS (s. Sidekick)

Senior Champion: Belinda EX-93-DE EX-93-MS 2E (s. Godewind)

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