Italian SHOW GIRL scores EX-95 with EX-97 Mammary System!

In Italy at TJR Portea the show topper Agrilat Aftershock Osla raised her score to EX-95-IT with EX-97 for her Mammary System as a fifth calver. Osla was Honorable Mention Senior Champion at the European Holstein Show, Montichiari 2019, 4th in the Senior 3-Yr Old class at the Italian National Show 2017 and looks beter then ever before! Her herdmate All-Dea Black & White either increased her score to the MAX-score of EX-93-IT as a third calver. Black & White is Monterey daughter who won the Int. 2-Yr Old cass at the European Holstein Show, Montichiari 2019. 

Photo credits: G. Soldi, Claire Swale, A. Locatelli ©

Agrilat Aftershock Osla EX-95-IT EX-97-MS La5.
* H.M. Senior Champion European Holstein Show, Montichiari 2019
* 4th Senior 3-Yr Old Italian National Show 2017
* Owned by: TJR Portea, Alberto Locatelli & Il Castagno (Italy)

All-Dea Monterey Black & White EX-93-IT (MAX) La3.
* 1st Intermediate 2-Yr Old European Holstein Show, Montichiari 2019
* Owned by: TJR Portea, All-Dea Holstein, Quim Serrabassa & Triangle Holsteins (Italy)

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