Kedar Brown Swiss unbeatable at the UK Dairy Expo 2023

Kedar Brown Swiss and their crew had a fantastic Show last Saturday at the UK Dairy Expo 2023, where they were unbeaten in the ring with Kedar Rhapunzel EX-95-UK. She is the well known Genox-Boy daughter out of Kedar Rhapsody EX-95-UK 2E who crowned Sr. Champion and later on the day named Grand Champion! Her herd-mate Kedar Snickerlicious EX-94-UK is crowned as Reserve Grand Champion of the show. Snickerlicious became 1st in her class with the Jr. Cow in Milk class, followed by again a hermate: Kedar Wonderment Rhappuccino VG-88-UK 2yr. She is a Wonderment daughter also straight out of Kedar Rhapsody EX-95-UK!

Photo credits: Richard Hudgson, Jane Steel ©

Champions Kedar Brown Swiss @UK Dairy Expo 2023
From left to right: 
Kedar Rhapunzel EX-95-UK - Kedar Snickerlicious EX-94-UK - Kedar Faust Esprit VG-89-UK 2yr.

1st in her class: Kedar First Esprit VG-89-UK 2yr.
Faust x Kedar Calvin Eclipse EX-92-UK 2E (s. Calvin) x Ledar Becks Elies EX-91-UK (s. Becks)

Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo 2023: Kedar Rhapunzel EX-95-UK
Genox-Boy x Kedar Rhapsody EX-95-UK (s. Calvin) x Kedar RD Reia EX-93-UK

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Kedar Brown Swiss
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Phone: +44 7708513448
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