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K&L OH Mindy

(Redrock x Delta x Bookem)

#22 GTPI heifer in Europe! (12/19)


De Oosterhof Holsteins
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Reg No.



October 25, 2018

Genomic Result

US 04/20 GTPI +2766 / NM $ 585 / PTAT +1.71 [ Details ]


  • #22 GTPI heifer in Europe: +2757 GTPI!! (12/19)
  • Combining >2.50 PTAT, +848 NM$ and +2757 GTPI (12/19)
  • #1 GTPI daughter of A-L-H Modest (s. Delta) (not available in Europe) (12/19)
  • 10 generations VG or EXCELLENT dams!
  • Same family as: JEDI, JETT and FLAGSHIP!


A-L-H Modest
  • Almost 2800 gTPI with +2.30 PTAT (12/18)
Mr Mogul DELTA
S-S-I Bookem Modesto 7269 VG-87-USA DOM
2-00 3x 365d 11.873kgM 4.0% 476F 3.4% 401P
3-03 3x 364d 13.444kgM 3.7% 494F 3.8% 512P
  • Several sons in AI
  • Granddam of JEDI, JETT and FLAGSHIP
Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET VG-86 DOM
2-02 3x 305d 13.032kgM 4.4% 573F 3.4% 437P
  • same family as ROBUST

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