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Lakeside Lambda Esmee VG-86-NL 2yr.

(Delta-Lambda x Goldwyn x Shottle)

Delta-Lambda straight out EMERAUDE!!


Lakeside Holsteins
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December 12, 2021


VG-86-NL 2yr.


  • Beautiful Delta-Lambda daughter of the breeding phenomenon Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL
  • Sister to JK DG Esmeralda EX-92-NL: 6th in her section at European Show, Libramont '19
  • Dam was: Champion 2-Yr. Old National Show France, Le Mans & Noordeloos,
  • Int. Champion Marienwaardt '13, Int. Champion & Grand Champion Wintershow West-Brabant '14!
  • Same family as Capj Amarante EX-92-FR - 2x French Cow of the Year!!
  • Same family as Capj Irana EX-91-FR (1st European Show Colmar '16)


Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL
2.03 570d 17.721kgM 3.9% 694F 3.4% 601P
4.00 330d 15.317kgM 3.9% 598F 3.2% 482P
5.06 305d 15.930kgM 3.7% 589F 3.1% 497P
  • Champion 2-Yr. Old SPACE 2011, 6th in the finals at the Nat. NRM Show 2012
  • 1st Jr. 2-Yr. National Show Le Mans 2011, Grand Champion Wintershow West-Brabant 2014
  • The ONLY cow ALIVE in Europe with 6 EXCELLENT daughters!
  • >95.000kgM lifetime production!
Braedale GOLDWYN
Agathe VG-88-FR
2.03 305d 10.366kgM 3.2% 332F 3.1% 321P
3.06 305d 13.338kgM 3.5% 467F 3.1% 413P
  • 3rd Sr. Cow at the Nat. Show Le Mans 2011
Toulouse VG-89-FR 2yr.
2.02 305d 10.804kgM 4.0% 432F 3.2% 346P
3.11 305d 11.653kgM 4.3% 501F 3.2% 373P
  • Full sister to the proven bull Texas at Genes Diffusion
  • Maternal sister to Umelin - Dam to the famous Amarante EX-90-FR
  • Amarante is the French Cow of the Year '13 & grand dam to Cabon Fernand @ Semex

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