NEW Eurogenes member: Snickerdoodle Boys!

A brand NEW Eurogenes member is Snickerdoodle Boys from Germany which have interesting genetics in their portfolio from the best global cow families. Eduard Linder founded the Snickerdoodle Boys 3 years ago, in memory of the legend "Old Mill Emory Snickerdoodle EX94". The Snickerdoodle Boys visit Budjon and Duckett Holstein in the USA in the summer of 2019, he wanted to convert his barn to a showbarn, similar to Budjon, to generate offspring from the champions and most influential conformation cow families of Holstein breeding by buying embryos and calves and heifers, rearing them in the Snickerdoodle Boys barn. "Breeding with the power of cow families"! At the moment there are in the Snickerdoodle-Boys barn, 1 direct Warrior-red daughter from KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96, 1 ​​Red Altitude-Red granddaughter from Blexy EX-97, 1 Avatar-Red granddaughter from Budjon Goldwyn Subliminal EX-97, 1 Dempsey daughter from Highcroft Absolute Lily-Red EX-96-USA EX-98-MS and many other! 

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Photo credits: Jane Steel ©

Jones La Brasserie Apple (PEDIGREE)
Warrior-Red x KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 28* 4E DOM x Kamps-Hollow Altitude-Red *RC EX-95-USA 2E DOM
US 04/22 GTPI +1915 / NM $ -444 / PTAT +3.42

  • She is the #19 R&W PTAT female in Europe at +3.42 PTAT! (04/22)
  • Canadian index: +10 Conformation / +5 Mammary System / +10 Feet & Legs - April 2022
  • Direct daughter of the 'one million dollar cow' KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 4E DOM 28*

Borderview Baileys-Red (PEDIGREE)
Altitude-Red x Blexys Avalanche Bourbon (s. Avalanche *RC) x Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97-USA
US 04/22 GTPI +2074 / NM $ -269 / PTAT +3.52

  • Stunning Altitude-Red heifer and the #12 R&W PTAT female in Europe at +3.52 PTAT! (04/22)
  • She scores also amazing in her Canadian Index: +12 Conf., +9 Mammary System, +10 Feet&Legs
  • Her grand dam was the Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo 2017: Rossiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97-USA!!

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To contact Snickerdoodle-Boys, click here or use the following contact information.

Edi Linder
Seeger Str.56
Roßhaupten, Germany
Phone: +4915140337650
Email: snickerdoodleboys@gmail.com

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