NEW picture of the amazing King Doc heifer of LIZETTE!!

The amazing King Doc heifer straight out the extraordinary Lottos Atwood Lizette EX-94-USA 4yr. is recently pictured. This well-balanced heifer is owned by Upstream Holsteins and K&L and notes +3.72 PTAT. She has 9 brothers and sisters scoring >4.0 PTAT up to +4.45 PTAT. Her maternal Undenied sister won her class at the Junior Show in Cloppenburg, Germany last week. Her dam won multiple titles like: HM. Int. Champion Midwest Spring Show '14, 5th Sr. 3yr. Old RWF '15, 1st Sr. 2yr. Old RWF '14 and several times All-American & All-Canadian and many more. Grand dam Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95-CAN 5yr. was Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto in 2010!!

Lakeside Ups K&L Lizette (PEDIGREE)
King Doc x Lottos Atwood Lizette EX-94 (s. Atwood) x Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95 x 3 EX-dams!
US 08/19 GTPI +2275 / NM $ 446 / PTAT +3.72

Dam: Lottos Atwood Lizette EX-94-USA 4yr.
2.02 336d 11.966kgM 4.3% 518F 3.2% 381P
3.03 306d 13.063kgM 4.2% 548F 3.1% 402P
4.02 365d 15.826kgM 4.1% 645F 3.2% 503P

  • Res. All-Wisconsin 4yr. Old '16
  • All-Canadian Sr. 2yr. Old '14
  • Res. All-American '14
  • 1st Sr. 2yr. Old Royal Winter Fair '14
  • 2nd Sr. 2yr. Old Madison '14
  • HM. Int. Champion Mid West Spring Show '14
  • 5th Sr. 3yr. Old Royal Winter Fair '15

Grand dam: Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95-CAN 5yr.
2.01 365d 12.669kgM 4.1% 519F 3.3% 417P
3.04 365d 14.066kgM 4.4% 617F 3.7% 514P
4.06 365d 16.611kgM 4.1% 680F 3.6% 598P

  • All-American & All-Canadian 4-Yr. Old & Sr. 3-Yr. Old
  • Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2010
  • 2nd 4-Yr. Old World Dairy Expo 2010
  • Grand Champion Atlantic Summer 2009

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