New Ranking: Top 10 Female CFP heifers in Europe!

Today it's time for a great new ranking on combined FAT and PROTEIN (CFP) based on the GTPI index! We will introduce you the top 10 combined FAT and PROTEIN females in Europe of the August 2021 proof. Genosource Captain has a lot of influence in the list with daughters in the top 10. The number 1 CFP female is a Helix daughter with +197 CFP. Three heifers shared a second place,  BG Captain SS Carlin O (s. Captain) with +193 CFP from the Lacrest Comet Family. She shared the second place with BG Captain C Carlin K, a Captain daughter with also +193 CFP. And a shared second spot for Charl daughter DG Elia from the Savage-Leigh Linda Family with also +193 CFP. 

Top 10 combined Fat and Protein females in Europe (08/21) > CLICK HERE < for the complete ranking

#4 Combined FAT + PROTEIN female: DG Elia (PEDIGREE
US 08/21   +2893 GTPI / +1027 NM$ / +0.58 PTAT / Fat +130 / Protein +63
Charl x DG Eli (s. Spectre) x DG Albero Elise (s. Montross) 


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